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Monday, December 28, 2015


I recently saw a video done by Shirley B Eniang (one of my favorite Youtubers/Bloggers) and it was a tag video about 2015. The tag asks questions about what were your biggest accomplishments, your regrets of the year, your goals for next year and many more. It was my first time seeing a video like this and I've always liked to reflect on how my year went. I'm going to answer the questions that I feel are relevant to me personally, there's about 11 questions in total but I'll be answering 9. 

1. Most embarrassing moment
I thought long and hard about this and I honestly couldn't think of anything lol. I'm quite an awkward person in general so to be honest I think I embarrass myself a lot, therefore to think of my most embarrassing moment has been very hard.. Sorry for the disappointment! Haha.

2. Biggest accomplishment
Publishing my blog was most definitely my biggest accomplishment of this year. As I mentioned in my 'Welcome' post.. I had procrastinated for years on whether I should publish one or not and constantly doubting myself. Being able to put aside all the negativity I bought onto myself and taking that step to publish it was a big achievement. 

3. Best memory
Seeing my older brother for the first time in 10 years! He lives in South Africa and my younger brother and I traveled there during the summer holidays to see him, his wife and our niece for the first time. It was such an amazing holiday, we cherished each moment because we knew how precious it was for us to spend that time together after years of not seeing each other. We always remained in communication before the holiday but there was something special about him seeing in person again. 

4. Biggest obstacle 
This was quite hard for me to answer but I've realized that I always allowed negative thoughts to stop me from doing what I wanted to do, it's so easy to talk yourself out of doing something based on your attitude towards it. When you belittle your capability to achieve a goal, don't be surprised if nothing happens in your life or if you don't see any growth within yourself. I've learnt to speak more positively about situations in my life, take control of my own life and put myself out there. It's scary when you do something new but the result is always rewarding.

5. Regrets
If I was recording this via video I would answer this question within seconds lol. My biggest regret of this year is not travelling enough, for the last couple of years I have had this urge to want to travel. I feel like it's something I need to do for personal reasons, there's so much out there that we should all see. Next year I aim to go on at least 2 big holidays, that may not be a lot compared to others but it's a start for me. I also want to visit new places outside my area, go on exciting trips to see what nice places are out there in the UK apart from London.

6. Most memorable phrase of 2015
"Bruh" and "Mate". These words have been used by many people this year and I've somehow caught on to it lol. 

7. Lessons learned
I swear this has been the year of lessons learned! The older you get, the more you learn for sure.. Things just begin to be a lot more clearer. I still have a long way to go in terms of learning, I mean I'm only 21 so there's still a lot more to learn from.

So let me get to it..

  • You have to change your state of mind if you want things to happen, not only that but start taking action! The things you want in life will not automatically come to you, you have to work hard to get them. Once you allow yourself to get into this state of mind, things will change. 
  • You can't please everyone. People will have expectations of you that you may not meet and that's okay. You're living for yourself, not anyone else. Meet your own expectations! 
  • Timing is everything. My mum used to tell me this a lot when I was younger, I wanted to be grown so bad lol now that I'm 21 I see why she always told me this. Time is going so fast and the last thing you want is to look back 5-10 years from now and think "I should've enjoyed that moment more" or "why was I in such a rush to do this". Enjoy the moment you're in now, you're only young once!
I've learned a few other things this year but the 3 points I've mentioned are the main things. 

8. Favorite mainstream bloggers/Non-mainstream bloggers
Patricia Bright 
Samantha Maria (Beautycrush)
Shirley B Eniang
Tanya Burr
Sarah Ashcroft

These are all my favorite mainstream bloggers, I haven't come across any favorite non-mainstream bloggers as of yet but I'm on the look out!

9. Goals for 2016
So as you know, I really want to travel more. Another big goal for me is to finish my second year of university with a first, second year of university counts to your final year so I need to do my best! I'd also like to visit more of my family, I have so much family around me that I don't see enough of and I'm someone who cherishes family moments a lot, so to create more memories with my family would be great. Now my next goal is one a lot of people struggle with and that is to have my dream figure! I've been a member of my local gym since November 2014 and I still haven't reached my goal. I've been in and out of the gym and my diet hasn't been the best either, I struggle to remain motivated when it comes to working out but things need to change! I'd also like to try new things, I've found so many different activities online that I just have to try next year.

So I hope you got a good insight into how my year has been and what my goals are for next year. I just want to end by saying that don't feel like you need to wait for the new year in order to change something in your life. Start today. I used to be so hooked on having new years resolutions, there's nothing wrong with this but start working on what you want to change.. now. The goals I've set for myself for 2016, I've started working on in one way or the other, 2016 is the time for me to complete these goals!

Take the time to look back on your year, it's nice to reflect. 

Love Sham x


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