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Sunday, January 10, 2016

25 Facts About Me..

I've always watched peoples 'facts about me' videos on YouTube and I think it's such a good and quick way to get to know someone. You find out things about people that you may not have necessarily known and you get to know people almost on a personal level. I've also found that I have a lot in common with some of my fav YouTubers! 

I figured why not do my own? So here it is.. 25 facts about me!

1. My birthday is on Halloween, Scorpio baby!

2. I have a massive fear of spiders.. This wasn't always the case until I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Anyone remember the scene where Harry and Ron follow the trail of spiders into the woods? And that GIGANTIC TARANTULA is there? Yeah, I'm convinced that's where my fear came from. I can't even look at a picture of a spider, my fear is just awful I tell you.

3. I'm 5'9, quite tall for a girl as I've always been told lol

4. Originally from Zimbabwe, I was born there and moved to England when I was 5

5. My favorite color is red. When I was younger I had a huge obsession with Chris Brown and there's an interview he done where he said red and brown are his favorite colors, from that day onward.. red has been my favorite color lol.

6. I'm such an introvert. I think I enjoy my own company way too much haha

7. Titanic is my all time favorite film!

8. I love tattoos.. I don't have any of my own although I used to want one when I was younger but that will never happen lol. I can really appreciate tattoos on another person, I think they're such a nice form of art.

9. I used to want to be a professional dancer/choreographer

10. I have an unhealthy obsession of spending money.. When I have it lol

11. My biggest fear (apart from spiders) is being stuck doing a job I don't love. I want to wake up and love going to work, not be stuck somewhere just because the moneys good or for whatever other reason apart from not loving it. 

12. Pasta and bread are my weakness when it comes to food!

13. I've been in a long term relationship since I was 17 <3

14. I can't listen to just one genre of music, I have all kinds of songs on my phone from R'n'B to classical, country to rock and so on lol

15. When I was younger I used to have this towel that I never let go off, it basically was my best friend haha. I used to walk around the house holding it in one hand and sucking my thumb lol.

16. I've never been stung by a bee or a wasp.. I consider myself lucky tbh

17. You know that yellow python Britney Spears has in one of her music videos? Yeah I held one over my neck! One of the best experiences ever lol

18. My dream holiday destination is Paris.. the city of love xxxx

19. I despise banana's, apples, grapes and kiwi's but apple crumble is one of my fav desserts and I love apple juice lol

20. I'm probably one of the most weirdest people you'll ever know but this side of me only comes out when I'm 99.9% comfortable with someone :)

21. My age!

22. I've only ever had 2 jobs 

23. My first name is actually Indian

24. I can't swim in the deep end of a swimming pool, only shallow. Apparently this means I can't actually swim but I refuse to accept that haha

25. I love rollercoasters, the adrenaline you get during and afterwards is the best! 

So I hope you enjoyed reading this and got a little insight into more about me..

Love Sham x

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