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Monday, January 18, 2016

Kevin Hart Show!

Yesterday me and my brother went to see Kevin Hart live at the O2 Arena and it was so much fun! I'm a big fan of him and I think I like him even more now that I've seen him live. It was my first time going to a show at the O2, I've only ever been to the theatre but that's it.. no concerts or anything else but I'm glad I can tick this off the list lol.

I got my brother to help me take some photos of the evening as I really wanted to capture as much as I could. I obviously couldn't take any photos inside as I wasn't allowed to take my camera into the show but I managed to get a photo of the stage on my phone before it started.

We decided to eat at Five Guys as it was some quick food for us to get as we arrived at the O2 slightly later than planned. There are so many nice restaurants to choose from at the O2 and next time I'm making sure I try out something new! 

Yummy :)

I was definitely concentrating on something here lol

I didn't get any photos of my outfit properly but it was pretty simple. I wore a black turtle neck with some high waisted black jeans and paired it with some ankle boots, my trusty winter coat and scarf! 

Not bad seats huh?

Honestly I can't tell you how good this show was, I needed a good laugh. Laughter is definitely the best medicine! I want to do more things like this, going to shows, concerts and so much more. I look forward to creating more memories like this.

Love Sham x 

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