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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Today is my boyfriend and I's 4 year anniversary but we decided to celebrate it on the weekend just gone by going to The Shard, the tallest building in London. We went to see the view from the 72nd floor which was amazing! It was lovely getting to see London from high up, everything looks so cool haha. We spent around 40 mins here then went off to Camden Town for dinner reservations at Shaka Zulu, a South African themed restaurant, bar and club. Since hearing about it I've always wanted to come here so I suggested to my boyfriend that we should go for our anniversary so we found a great deal online for a 3 course meal plus a champagne cocktail each all for £49! I'm telling you this was definitely a bargain.

These photos don't do this view justice at all. If you ever have the chance to go to The Shard, get tickets to see the view, you won't regret it! I'd advise you buy the tickets online to save you some money from buying them for more on the door. I really wanted to get a shot of The Shard from outside but the wind!! Oh my word, the weather was just awful I swear I nearly got knocked over from how strong the wind was and I promise you that's no exaggeration lol. 

Love this photo of him xx

Can I just say the attention to detail in Shaka Zulu is brilliant. Everywhere you turn there's some sort of South African design.. even the ceiling! All the chairs even had different designs on them, we were so blown away by everything.

I'll be doing a post on the outfit I wore which will be up this Sunday! 

Another thing I loved was that they would have little shows of dancers and singers dancing and singing traditional South African music. They had the drums, the outfits, just everything! You really get the South African experience. We saw two of these shows, one was downstairs on the lower ground where they would go round performing whilst you eat and then another was upstairs by the bar where you could actually join them! 

On to the food! For starters my boyfriend had 6 tiger prawns with some salad on the side, I had wild boar and ostrich terrine with ciabatta bread and salsa. I wasn't expecting mine to taste this good, it really was lovely, everything went together so well. My boyfriend said his starter was lovely too!

For the main we both had the baby chicken with sweet potato mash and for sides my boyfriend got french fries and I got the yellow rice. This was seriously one of the best main meals I've ever had, I know it looks so simple but the flavors were all there, the chicken was nicely seasoned and full of flavor and the sweet potato mash? The best I've ever had! It was so creamy, so smooth and ahh perfect *drools*. I'm glad I got the yellow rice as well, this was a nice add on. The rice actually had raisins in it (which I absolutely hate by the way) I started moving them aside but I must've accidentally got a fork full of rice with a raisin in it and there was this sweetness to the rice which tasted so good.

Last but not least, the dessert was..? Yeah you guessed it.. amazing! It was a strawberry cheesecake which was creamy and smooth, also one of the best cheesecakes I've ever had. Quick side note, by the time dessert came I was so full and my dress was really tight so I couldn't really relax properly, breathing got a bit tricky too lol. I had about 3 spoonfuls of my cheesecake until I gave the rest to my boyfriend. I'm so annoyed I couldn't finish it but now I know not to wear a tight dress when going out for a meal!

Overall we had such an amazing night, I just want to say that I'm not exaggerating my experience at Shaka Zulu either. Everything really was amazing and I would advise anyone who hasn't been there before to just go! Whether its just for the club or the bar, just get the experience although I can't stress enough how great the restaurant food is. The service was also really good, the lady who was serving us for the night was so friendly and professional. Our food came out really quick too considering it was busy. Me and my boyfriend have already said that we're coming here again so overall I rate this place a 5/5!

Love Sham x 

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