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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lunch at Cau

Yesterday me and my brother came down to Kingston in London for my cousins birthday, we had lunch at an Argentinian restaurant called Cau. I had never heard of this place before we went but I was really looking forward to trying out something new. The restaurant has this really chilled, modern vibe to it, playing a wide range of feel good music, you really feel quite relaxed and it surprisingly wasn't too busy considering it was a Saturday! I assume it gets busier during evening hours. We were sat right by the river Thames, I could only imagine how lovely it must be during summer time sitting by the Thames having your lunch.

My uncle was telling me that the restaurant prides itself on how great their steaks are so it was only right I tried out the steak. I went for a rump steak with a side of chunky chips, it's been a while since I had a good steak so I was really looking forward to trying this. Now, this may sound silly but if there's one thing I never understood is why people have their steaks medium-rare or medium-well.. The sight of rare meat put me off so bad that I would always have well done meat. I don't think I'll ever make that mistake again lol. So the longer you cook steak, the drier and tougher it gets, that's why they say having it medium-rare or medium-well is the best because the juices are preserved nicely. As I had a few bites of the steak, I was loving it but the more I ate it the harder it became to enjoy lol (this is when I really started to taste the dryness and toughness). Overall it was a nice meal, the chunky chips were cooked perfectly but I now know not to order well done steak again lol.

Virgin mojito! 

For dessert I had chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. This was my first time trying chocolate fondant and it was yummy!

To finish off everything me and my auntie had Moroccan mint tea.. once again it was my first time trying it haha. I loved it though, it's so refreshing for a warm drink.

We were literally in this restaurant for a good 3 hours or so. My cousin, auntie and uncle were there for longer as me and my brother arrived a little late.. all in all they were there all afternoon! Hence why it was getting dark when we left, we nearly almost got blown away too because the wind was extremely strong!

I definitely recommend this place, I'm sure you'll enjoy whatever you pick to have! The prices are also quite reasonable.

Love Sham x

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