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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day out in London - Birthday celebrations!

Last week Saturday was my boyfriends 21st birthday, unfortunately I wasn't able to see him so we had to reschedule for the weekend after (this weekend). I had been planning a bit of a surprise for him and wanted to do something we've never even spoken about doing before! One website I have fallen in love with is the Virgin Experience Days website, it's like Wowcher or Groupon and it has some amazing deals.. Some options are bit more on the luxurious side but the deals are great. As I was scrolling through looking to find something for us to do, I came across the City Cruise which goes along the River Thames. It was perfect! Instantly I knew this was the going to be the perfect thing as I mentioned before we had never spoken about doing this. The price for it was very reasonable as it was a deal for two people. 

I made sure I kept this a total surprise from him, he didn't even know where we were going in terms of location until we arrived at the Westminster Pier and of course he was so surprised and totally didn't expect us to be going on a cruise! I definitely pulled it off and he enjoyed it very much. 

We were so lucky the weather was decent, it didn't rain one bit and the sun was out too so it was nice. One thing we love to do together is having a day out in London to explore, we've both seen all the sights but it was nice to see them from a different aspect. I myself have been on the city cruise years ago when I was younger but the experience was so much more different this time round.. I think now that I'm older, I can appreciate it more. 

We had one of the staff members talk us through all the major buildings along the Thames and he was extremely informative. I have a new found love for London, there's so much history behind it.. not just as an entire city but the buildings hold such strong significance going years back. We were so intrigued to hear information about certain buildings we didn't know much of before and just pure history itself. I must say the way some people were killed once being found guilty of a crime was shocking! 

After the cruise we stopped at Greenwich, where we had to find our way back into Central London to go for lunch at Burger and Lobster! We had a nice little stroll in Greenwich, we were by the university (which is a gorgeous building I must say) and the high street which was full of cute shops. It was certainly very picturesque.

Once we got to the train station in Greenwich, we made our way to Bond Street were I took him for lunch. It was our first time going to Burger and Lobster and we were really looking forward to it. I love the atmosphere of the place, it's very laid back and chilled for something that sounds quite fancy. If you've never been before, it's all quite simple and by that I mean there's no actual menu! You either order burger or lobster, each for £20. I went for the lobster and Daniel (bae lol) went for the burger. I've had lobster before but not a proper one like this so I forgot what it tasted like. It was nice at first but I felt quite sickly half way through.. the fries were amazing though! I had a bite of Daniels burger which tasted sooo good, I'm definitely going to be ordering that next time lol. 

I recommend you check it out though, for all the lobster lovers out there I'm sure you'll love it and besides.. who doesn't love a good burger right?

After lunch, Daniel did some shopping with some gift cards he was given for his birthday. Since we were on Bond Street, we went straight onto Oxford Street to get his shopping done! After this we headed home, we actually bumped into my best friend and her boyfriend who were also in London, so we all got the train back together.

It was such a great day and Daniel really enjoyed it. It's always lovely getting to treat him, I think it's important for women to spoil their partners as much as they spoil us! 

Love Sham x


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