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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Outfit #3

So this is yet again another casual Spring outfit, today was actually quite chilly and windy but this look would be perfect for warm weather. 

I'm wearing a ribbed crop top which I've had for a couple years now. These were so popular when they came out in Topshop, I remember a lot of people having them and I managed to get myself this baby blue colour.. I definitely wish I got it more colours. These high waisted trousers are from Ralph Lauren but my mum bought them from a charity shop (bargain!) and again I've had them for ages now. They were actually just regular trousers at first but because they were so long, I managed to convince my mum to turn them into high waisted trousers and they've been my favourite piece of clothing for the longest! My denim jacket is from Next and is a staple piece of mine when the warm weather comes around. My hat is from H&M, these style of hats are everywhere! 

I always come back to this specific outfit when Spring/Summer comes around, it's definitely one of my favourite outfit combinations.

Hat - H&M
Sunglasses - Topshop
Necklace - H&M
Crop Top - Topshop
Denim Jacket - Next
High waisted trousers - Ralph Lauren 

Love Sham x 



  1. Just came across your blog and I love your outfits! Your hair is so beautiful in this picture btw

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