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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

April Favourites

It's May! I know this is up a little over the first week of this month but revision and exams have been taking over!

I've been loving lots this month, I know from the picture there doesn't seem to be many items but it's a lot more than any other monthly favourites I've done so far haha. 

Shower Gel -
I remember watching a monthly favourites by Zoella and she mentioned this shower gel by Treacle Moon, the one she had was in the scent honeycomb which I had a whiff of when I went to buy it but the scent didn't really do much for me.. I didn't like it at all. I saw the Raspberry scent next to it and this one was definitely up my street! It's a sweet scent but nothing sickly. You can use it as a shower gel or for a bubble bath, it lathers really well when using it as a shower gel but I find that there aren't many bubbles if you use for a bubble bath. Either way I've been using this everyday and it's actually almost finished.

Sunglasses -
As you know, I've been loving these sunglasses from Top shop. My mum had originally bought them for herself but I just had to have them for myself! Besides she already has similar pair in Ray Bans lol. I wasn't a big fan of them at first but when I had put them together with a certain outfit I just loved them. I've never really been a lover of sunglasses but I feel like that's all changed now.

Maybelline Mascara -
This mascara is life. This is the latest mascara by Maybelline called 'The Falsies Push up Drama', I've seen it being in advertised by Gigi Hadid on TV and it's also been mentioned a lot recently in YouTube videos. I recently ran out of my previous Mascara, also by Maybelline which I had been loving but I thought why not try out something new? Now let me just mention that I BARELY have any lashes at all, they are super thin and pretty much non exsistent. Using this mascara has really bought out my eye lashes, the name doesn't lie, it's for sure a pushup! I've never really had my eye lashes stand out this much before using this product. I could go on raving about this but if you're like me and have non existent eye lashes, try this mascara out. It's only £7.99 from your local drugstore.

MAC Powder -
I recently got this when I was doing my restock for make up. Since I've been wearing foundation more regularly, I've noticed how important it is to apply powder afterwards, it really makes the difference. My face would tend to become very oily throughout the day and make my makeup look awful! I constantly had to use blotting paper to get rid of the oiliness. This powder has really made the difference, not only does it prevent me from looking so oily it gives me this gorgeous matte finish that lasts throughout the day.

Face brush -
I've been wanting a face brush for the longest. I've heard great things about them, especially items such as Clarisonic or Clinique Sonic Brush so I had to find a cheaper alternative as I can't afford those brushes just yet lol. I found this simple face brush in Superdrug, it was no more than £5 I'm sure. It doesn't have the fancy buttons and it's very simple but it has been working well for me. This brush is good if you want to get that extra bit of makeup that is still sat under your skin. 

Concealer -
I got given this sample concealer from MAC, I had been looking for a concealer to use to help bring out my eyebrows and to highlight under my eyes. The MAC girl who was serving me (her name was Tia) recommended the pro-long wear concealer and it really is perfect for me. I can't do my make up without using this and I'm definitely going to have to go back and buy the proper thing! 

Micellar Cleansing Water - 
In one of my previous monthly favourites, I had mentioned this cleansing water and how great it was! I went and recently bought the one for dry to combination skin and of course I'm loving it lol. This one is more suitable for my skin but I'd be lying if I said there's a huge difference between this one and the one I used before. 

Barry M Nail Polishes -
I'll be doing a post soon on my favourite Spring/Summer nail polishes but I had to share these two shades I've been loving this past month. Nude nail polishes are honestly my fav, especially these two. The shades are in Cappuccino and Almond.

Favourite Music..

Beyonce - Lemonade 
Benny Benassi ft Chris Brown - Paradise
Drake ft Kyla & Wiz Kid - One Dance 
Lukas Graham - 7 Years

Love Sham x 

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