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Friday, May 13, 2016

Sunglasses Wishlist!

So I briefly mentioned in my previous post that I never used to like wearing sunglasses before this year. I loved the different styles and the idea of how they would look on me but when it actually came to putting them on, I just wasn't feeling it. I'm still wearing the Topshop sunnies that I've been loving so far and it's made me want to invest in some more!

The number one pair of sunglasses I've always wanted are of course, Ray Bans. I love the Aviator shades and I've listed the 2 main colours I want which are the gold/bronze and the silver/grey. I feel like they both will go perfectly with lots of outfits. I'm not one for all the fancy looking, bright coloured looking sunglasses, I like the simple look. Blue shades are as far as I go lol. I really like the cat eye style, it gives this chic yet elegant look and completes a simple outfit perfectly. The sunglasses I currently have are slightly cat eye but I'd like the style in black. Chunky sunglasses are always great in my opinion, they too can add that finishing touch to an outfit. Last but not least, the round sunglasses.. This style has been there for as long as I can remember and I love that it's still a trend that is forever on going. Every year without fail, I see so many people rocking this style of sunglasses and I know they would be a great add on to my upcoming sunglasses collection.

Love Sham x 



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