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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas - Missguided Edition

QUICK NOTE: It's the 1st of June so I would normally post my May Favourites but I haven't really been loving anything new throughout the month of May so I thought I'd post something different.

So wedding season is among us and if you're going as a guest, you've got that pressure to find the perfect outfit. With the weather being so up and down here in England lately, it's difficult to determine exactly what you should wear! I was on the phone to my friend a few days ago and she's going to a wedding soon and needed some suggestions on what she should wear. I found some really nice outfits on Missguided and she gave me the idea of doing a post on 'Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas'. I thought this was a great idea, it's always nice to hear what other suggestions people have so why not share it? 

I chose Missguided specifically because I love the different styles of dresses that they have. There's a good variety to choose from whether you're feeling to go for something long and elegant or a gorgeous bodycon. Missguided actually has a Wedding Guest Outfit section on their website, the ones I've chosen are from that section. 

The long dresses

As you can see I've chosen 3 different long dresses. The navy blue maxi dress with the thigh split will give a lovely fit to any shape, it's light, airy and not tight on the lower half so you'll certainly feel comfortable in it. My friend was worried this would be too much of a bridesmaid looking dress but I personally think you can get away with it because of the split and the waist cut outs. If you're really worried about looking like part of the bridesmaids, find out what the colour scheme is so you don't end up matching with them! The strapless navy blue maxi dress is very simple but this will allow you to dress it up with some nice accessories. Sometimes we get so stressed about trying to find that outstanding outfit (which is fine) but don't forget that it's okay to find you a basic dress, if you're creative with your styling you can dress it up perfectly. The long red dress is more formal and elegant, you can never go wrong this kind of outfit for a wedding. I like that this one specifically has the cut outs at the side and a crossover neck line, the red is also a lovely colour for weddings, you'll definitely stand out but don't go trying to outshine the bride! Lol. 

The florals

I really love a floral dress for the wedding season, especially if the weathers nice. I found 2 nice floral bodycon dresses, the white one with the blue flowers is such a cute dress and it's so suitable for a wedding. You can wear this one if it's a gorgeous summers day but if it's looking abit cloudy, then maybe you could opt for the black floral dress. I'm someone who likes dressing for the weather.. not just as in the style of clothing but the colours. If it's grey and cloudy outside, I'll definitely wear something grey, black or navy blue whereas if it's sunnier, I'll wear more brighter colours. It's honestly up to you what you decide, either dress is nice for a wedding.

The jumpsuit 

Sadly I could only find one jumpsuit that I liked, there are loads to choose from but in terms of weddings, this is the only one that caught my eye. Once again the colour is perfect, it's a light blue shade which is fitting for summer and the design of the open neck line. The great thing about jumpsuits is that you can wear them whatever the weather and there's different styles to choose from too for hot or cold weather. 

The bodycon

Apart from the floral bodycon dresses, the bodycon style is nice for weddings but it's gotta be wedding appropriate of course lol. The two of these dresses are again a lovely fit and the colour is just right for summer. The first pink dresses is covered in lace which I absolutely love! Lace dresses are so pretty and different from your usual type of dress, they seem to be really trendy right now too. What I like about the other light pink dress is not just the style of bodycon but the chest area too, it's got the crossover neckline once again and a bit of cleavage is showing to really spice it up! 

So there you have it, those are my Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas - Missguided edition. I'll possibly do an Asos edition soon.. what do you think?

Love Sham x 
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