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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lunch at Bills

Bit of a quick post.. Last week Thursday, me and my friend met up for lunch and to shoot some photos for my blog and her Instagram! She actually has her own YouTube channel now (check her out here). We were originally going to go to Nandos but when we got there she mentioned she wanted to go to Bills so I immediately turned around and headed for the door lol. It was her first time going there and my first time trying out their lunch menu. Let me just say, I am so glad we ended up going here! 

I had the buttermilk chicken burger with sweet potato fries... it was soooo good! I would definitely recommend anyone to try this, it's certainly the best chicken burger I've had. Of course the sweet potato fries were yummy, they are my fav and the chipotle mayo was lovely. I normally never really try the little dip that comes with most meals but I enjoyed this one, 

Bramble Mojito.. this was so strong but I still enjoyed it lol, my friend had the Summer Rum Punch and later ordered the Raspberry Collins.

My friend ordered the steak with french fries and a side of mac and cheese! 

I really need to go back here soon and try something else, I was really surprised at how nice my meal was lol. I did a post a few months ago called Breakfast at Bills and now that I've tried the breakfast, the lunch and although the lunch and dinner menu are the same.. I still need to go back for dinner time lol.

Love Sham x 

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