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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lipkit by Kylie - Review

Since Kylie Jenner released her lip kits I vowed to not fall into the hype but this was only until she released her latest Matte Liquid lipstick shades which I instantly fell in love with! Don't get me wrong, I've always liked her shades for the mattes, lip glosses and metallics but I didn't just want to buy them because of who's name was on it and especially if I could find the exact same shade for cheaper. Once her latest shades for the mattes were released I was so quick to order them, so lets get into my thoughts on the product. 

Before buying these, I had been told about the oh so dreaded international shipping and custom charge. I really didn't think it would be that expensive but once I saw the total in my online basket I really began to hesitate and wondered whether it was really worth spending that much. Regardless of my hesitation, I still went for it.. clearly lol. In total I spent just under £100 for all of these (converted from dollars), also including international shipping and custom charges. Now, I know that may be way too much for some you to spend on make up but when I thought about it, I got 3 of these and tbh, spending just under £100 isn't really that bad, especially considering the extra charges I had to pay.

Before I get into the different shades, I just want to talk about the packaging and the product itself. I love the way she's had the packaging designed, it's quite different having the drip effect on them and the actual boxes they come in are also really nice and unique.. I'm sure you've all seen them too! In regards to the actual product, they smell so lovely, almost like a vanilla scent and this is the same scent with all of them. As you can see, the mattes come with a lip liner and it's even recommended at the back of the box it comes in that you should apply one coat of the lip liner first and then the liquid lipstick. The lip liner is so creamy when you apply it and the liquid lipstick is seriously pigmented, one coat is definitely enough! 

Another great thing about these is that they dry very, very quick and it doesn't budge which only means on thing.. yes, it will last you all day but it's not the easiest to take off lol. I'm not complaining though, I like not having to reapply throughout the day. 

True Brown K

So, I'm starting out with my favourite.. True Brown K is the perfect dark brown shade for anyone! I just love the way it compliments my skin tone too, it's such a great matte liquid lipstick, I hope you can tell lol.

Love Bite

This is one of her newest shades and this is one shade I don't have in my collection so I had to get it! Not only that, I thought it was a lovely shade and since the seasons are changing, I personally think this is a great shade for A/W, it's a nice alternative to your darker shades of purple or burgundy. 

Brown sugar 

This is another one of Kylie's new shades and I'll get straight to the point.. I don't actually like this shade on its own. It's suppose to be a nude for dark skin tones but I personally couldn't wear this just as it is but if you apply True Brown K around your lips and then this in the middle, it's the perfect shade! That combination has actually become my perfect nude. 

Overall, my opinion is that these matte liquid lipsticks are worth the hype and I recommend anyone to at least purchase one shade, I'm sure you won't regret it. I'm hoping to buy another shade soon! Do any of you have any of Kylie's products? If so, what are your opinions? 

Love Sham x

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