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Thursday, September 22, 2016

What I love about Autumn..

Goodbye Summer and hello Autumn! We have finally reached my favourite season.. Autumn and Winter are definitely my kind of weather. I've mentioned this before and I know it might be weird for someone to look forward to the cold weather and grey clouds but I just love it. Today is the official start of Autumn and I wanted to share with you what exactly I love about this season.

  • vibrant colours - i love the transition from summer to autumn, seeing the leaves turn from green to beautiful shades of bright, vibrant colours.. autumn leaves are the prettiest thing, especially on a bright autumn morning.

  • fashion - if you know me well, you know A/W fashion is my absolute fav! All the layering with shirts, jumpers, coats and besides, who doesn't love a gorgeous pair of knee high boots? I can't wait to start buying all those key A/W fashion pieces.

  • warm drinks - i find it so difficult to drink warm drinks in the summer, I've missed having my daily cup of tea, some hot chocolate and we all know what the key drink is for this time of the year.. pumpkin spice lattes! 

  • longer nights - this might be a strange one but summer likes to rob me off my sleep! Very soon the clocks will go back which means more sleep for all, it's already getting darker early and that makes me very happy lol

  • fireworks - i absolutely love fireworks, they're so much fun to watch, all the different colours and patterns. I can't wait for bonfire night, I haven't attended a fireworks display in years so this year it's a must that I go. 

  • the weather - well this is an obvious one lol, it makes me so happy when I can curl up on my sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea watching movies and just feeling cosy because it's getting cold. I also actually like that slight chilly feeling you get when you're out in autumn weather (you must be thinking I'm so weird haha). 

  • festivity - we're getting closer and closer to christmas and that's something I'm also very excited about, I'm one of those people obsessed with christmas, I'm actually going to start buying christmas presents very soon and I'll be dedicating a whole other post on my love christmas :)

  • halloween - 31st October is my birthday! I actually used to hate that my birthday was on halloween but as I've grown up I actually like it now. Nothing is set in stone yet in terms of what I'll be doing and I'll only share what I'll be doing once it's all confirmed ;)

There you have it.. i'd love to know what your favourite season is and why, so feel free to leave a comment below. I hope you've all had a great summer as well!

Love Sham x


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