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Sunday, November 13, 2016

My top fashion blogger inspirations

When it comes to fashion inspirations, I don't tend to look at celebrities for that. My love for fashion actually came from my mum and other fashion bloggers. I remember when I was younger and watching lots of fashion related videos and following blogs, just thinking to myself how cool it was the way some girls would style certain items. Years later and I'm still inspired by the same people, well.. I've discovered some new ones and I'd like to share with you exactly who inspires me in this fashion thaang.

Patricia Bright

I remember the very first time I started watching Patricia on YouTube, it was her announcement video on her engagement.. I was instantly hooked and have been watching her videos ever since. It was her styling videos that got me wanting to experiment with my style, all I used to wear was jeans and a t-shirt, my style was sooo plain Jane. So seeing Patricia's style videos inspired me to try something new, I like how she's gone for an all blush pink look in the photo above, some people are afriad to wear an outfit that is all one colour but you can really pull it off.. like the BritPopPrincess herself lol.

Patricia's blog

Sammi Maria - Beuatycrush 

Sammi is another blogger who has inspired me to experiment with my style more. I like how she can make a simple outfit look dressed up and how she pairs certain items together that you may not necessarily think of pairing together. For example the two photos above, I love how she's paired her mustard jacket with a simple black coat on top. Doubling up a jacket and coat looks amazing as long as you pair the right jacket and coat together. In the in the second photo I like how she's paired, a maxi skirt with a bomber. It's little details like this that make me think when styling an outfit, not to just pair things together because it's how everyone else would wear it. 

Sammi's blog

Shirley B Eniang 

I am obsessed with Shirley's style, so much sophistication but can dress down outfit and still make it look good! Shirley is another blogger I've been watching for years, when I'm looking to dress really classy and chic, I go to Shirley for some inspiration! Her casual outfits are also really nice, I live for her fashion look-books on YouTube because she always alternates between something dressy and something casual, sometimes she incorporates both into one outfit which is always a good idea.

Shirley's blog

Sarah Ashcroft 

Sarah Ashcroft is another one who knows how to style up a simple outfit and to be honest, all my fashion blogger inspirations do this very well hence why you might tell that their styles are quite similar, I've been following Sarah's blog for a couple years now and it just gets better and better, she's a fellow tall girl who isn't afraid to rock some heels and this is something I've started doing myself. 

Sarah's blog

Yanin Namasonthi - idressmyselff

Yanin is someone I've recently been loving, for a few months now I've been following her blog and her style is just so different! I encourage all you fashion lovers to check her out, she has more of a laid back style but and I'm awful at describing it in a way that is clear so definitely take a look through her blog and you'll see what I mean. 

Yanin's blog

Angelica Blick

Last but not least, Angelica Blick!! This woman knows how to dress and she steps out of the boundaries when it comes to fashion. I actually struggled to pick a couple photos to share because there's that many good ones. I came across her blog earlier this year when I was searching for international fashion bloggers.. Swedish fashion bloggers to be exact. I've heard a lot of great things about Swedish fashion bloggers and she's just one of many that I'm loving right now. (check out Janni Deler, Emitaz and Kenzas). Angelica's style is just everything, she adds an edge to her outfits with just one item, as you can see in the photo above, the way she's paired those leather ankle boots with that outfit is just gorgeous. 

Angelica's blog  

.. And there you have it. I guess the way I'd describe my style since getting into fashion is simple, classy with an edge. I love a casual outfit that I can dress up with a statement piece and thanks to these fashion goddesses, they continue to inspire me to always experiment with my style and not always follow trends. 

Who are some of your fashion blogger inspirations? 

Love Sham x 


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