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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October favourites..

So I know it's been a while since I did a favourites post, I just haven't really been loving anything new.. until now. October has been a month where I've found a lot of favourites, from beauty products to fashion items and music! 

Paul Costelloe Side bag 

This has been featured in my latest outfit post which you can find here (autumn vibes). I think it's such a great casual side bag and the colour is so perfect for autumn. I've been wearing this bag a lot throughout the month of October and I know I won't stop any time soon. I'm not too sure how old this bag is, I simply found it in my mums room and I don't think she's noticed it's missing yet lol.

Nivea 3 in 1 cleansing wipes

If you remember in one of my previous favourite posts I mentioned how I loved using the Micellar cleansing water but I recently bought these face wipes to use and I've fallen in love with face wipes again. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be using my Micellar cleansing water but these wipes are a big favourite mine right now. They are perfect for removing make up, they really get everything off and they leave your skin feeling moisturized which I love. I hate that dry feeling you get after you take your make up off with the Micellar water so I'm happy that these not only take off every last bit of your make up but they leave your skin feeling nice and moisturized. 

Nyx soft matte lip cream 

I was so happy to hear that the Nyx stand was now in my local Boots store. I've been wanting to get my hands on the soft matte lip creams for a while now and I specifically wanted a deep berry red which I knew I'd be able to find at the Nyx stand. I pair it with a dark purple lip liner first and then apply the lip cream to really get that deep berry colour. It doesn't take too long to turn matte and it's not too drying either, I normally have to reapply this once during the day but it all depends how long I'm out for. If anyone is worried about this being super drying, I wouldn't worry too much.. give it a try! 

Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste

For a long time I've been wanting to try some form of teeth whitening and I was sent an email by Beverly Hills Formula who were kind enough to send me a sample of their Perfect White Black toothpaste.. yup, it's a black toothpaste! Now, don't be alarmed, it's actually scientifically formulated with activated charcoal which helps eliminate bacteria causing bad breath and neutralizes remaining odours. The activated charcoal also helps to remove tannin's from the surface of your teeth without harming the enamel. I've been using this for a few weeks now and it's great! I've already started to notice some changes and I'll be dedicating a full post to this toothpaste where I'll share some before and after photos. 

Make up revolution eye shadow palette

This is the Iconic 3 palette and I've fallen in love with wearing eye shadow all over again, I stopped wearing it a long time ago but recently, with all the make up tutorials I see on YouTube of amazing eye looks, I just had to buy myself a palette to start off with again. This palette has the perfect shades for a smokey eye or a simple day time look and of course I will be purchasing more palettes soon.. a girls got to have her make up game on point! Lol.

Fashion items 

This outfit has pretty much all my current favourite fashion items, an over sized denim jacket, an over sized jumper, chunky scarf and boots! I've been wearing at least one of these items a lot during this past month, especially the denim jacket, it just brings a whole new level of casual to an outfit, whereas the boots slightly dress up an outfit. Chunky scarfs are always a must during this time of year and I've had this one for about a year now, once again.. it has all the right autumn colours. An over sized jumper is just super comfy to wear on a daily basis, I'm in need of moreeee!


Suicide Squad Soundtrack - Heathens and Sucker for pain
John Legend - Love me now
Tory Lanez - Luv
Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - Name of love
Solange Seat at the table album - Cranes in the sky and Don't touch my hair
Dua Lipa - Hotter than Hell
Usher ft Future - Rivals
Troye Sivan - Wild
Kanye West - Fade
Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj - Side to Side
Neikid ft Dyo - Sexual 

What are some things you've been loving this past month? Let me know :)

Love Sham x



  1. Such a cute handbag, love it! I've been loving lately the song Side by Side with Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj, This Town with Niall Horan and loving my new burgundy jumpsuit I just bought. Great post x

    1. Thank you! Yeah I've actually started to really like Niall Horans song. Ahh nice, gotta love those new additions to your wardrobe :) x


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