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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#Beautycon London!

Over the weekend I went to my very first Beautycon event and it was such an exciting build up to the day! Beautycon is an event held every year, not only in London but they have it New York, Los Angels and Dallas too. Many content creators come and take part in panel discussions, do meet and greets and just hang around! A lot of brands participate too, you can buy some products from some of your favourite beauty brands and sometimes even get some free goodies. 

So a friend of mine reached out to me asking if I wanted to go and I was so quick to say yes because I've always wanted to go to Beautycon, I just didn't have anyone to go with until recently. I'll get straight into it because I've got a lot of photos to share!

We headed to West Kensington station which was a 10 minute walk to the venue, the event was held at the Olympia Exhibition Center, I was surprised at just how many events are held at this place. We arrived at the event and luckily the queue wasn't too bad and as cold as it was, we weren't kept waiting for too long. I must say, so many people were dressed so nice as you can expect, I definitely got some major inspiration. 

Since we got there quite early, the event wasn't full of many people so we were able to take a look around before sitting down for the first panel. The first stand we went to was the photo booth held by Storm Management (modelling agency), they were looking for someone to be the next face of Storm so you could go into the photo booth, get your selfie game on and choose to pin up your photos on the wall to get a chance to win.

The line for this wasn't too bad but by the time we finished we had to head over to the first panel discussion which was held by actress, Thandie Newton and Kay Montano. The discussion was titled "One World, Many Hashtags" where the panelists would talk about what it's like putting themselves out there on social media and dealing with all that comes along in doing this. It was interesting to hear each persons perspective and the pros and cons of being so out there on social media.

Guest speakers - Natasha Ndlovu, InTheFrow, Helen Anderson, Kaushal Beauty and Suede Brooks. 

The next panel was the one I was most excited about and it was titled " The Changing Face of Beauty" lead by the iconic.. Jay Manuel! For all my America's Next Top Model fans out there, you'll know who this is. I couldn't believe I was seeing him right in front of me. So the discussion here was about how beauty in the industry and social media has changed over the years.

Guest Speakers - Amena, Chanel Boateng, Mac Zapanta, Gracie F Victory, Naomi Pike and Justine Skye.

After this they had what they called Fireside Chat, I'm not entirely sure what was discussed during this time because at this point me and my friend were waiting to get a photo with Justine Skye. I had a massive fan girl moment when I saw her, she's just as gorgeous in person! She was kind enough to come out and take photos with some of her fans and I can't believe how close I was to her lol. I tried to get a photo but some of the girls were aggressive I tell you! Luckily my friend managed to get a nice selfie with her.

We then decided to go round to the different stands to see what was going on, by this time the entire place was full of people and each stand had some sort of queue happening and we didn't really want to wait around for ages. One stand that was quite empty was the L'Oreal one, they had a nice display of their latest range of the True Match Foundations, so I took the opportunity to see which shade was right for me. I've heard great things about their True Match Foundation and I'll definitely be buying it soon since my current foundation is almost out.

By this time, hunger had struck. They had a little cafe in the venue but the prices were rather shocking, my friend was smart enough to bring a packed lunch.. which is actually recommended when you buy tickets but I had to make the difficult decision of buying a packet of walkers crisps for £.1.40. Yeah, you read that right.

After having a quick lunch we headed back to the next panel discussions. This one was titled "No Label Necessary..." held by Zara Martin and the panelists talked about dealing with negative comments and being labeled in an industry that has become more accepting of who people are. I really enjoyed this discussion because it was nice hearing how people dealt with the negative side of social media, it was good advice for anyone who may aspire to be on that level one day. 

Guest speakers - Dina Tokio, Jordan Bone, Jessica Paege, Jack Emroy, Jayde Pierce and Jordyn Woods.

After this discussion, there was another Fireside Chat held by the host, Iskra Lawrence and the guest speaker was Tom Daley. I'll be honest, I wasn't focused too much on this chat. I just remember they were talking about his new book but at this point I spotted Shirley B Eniang and a few more bloggers I watch.. again, it was crazy seeing them all in the same room! 

A couple more panel discussions were held but the one we were waiting on was the last one which was held by Shirely B Eniang.. if you know me well, you'll know she is one of my favourite bloggers. This discussion was titled "Mind Over Matter" were the panelists spoke on how they over come any challenges and become uplifted by their fans and vice versa.

Guest speakers - Scola Dondo, Em Ford, LDShadow Lady, Estee Lalonde and Freddy Cousin-Brown.

As the last discussion came to an end, my friend spotted the Pixi stand where they were giving away flower crowns! Who doesn't want a flower crown right? Lol. We got in the line because they also had a section where you can take some photos that are then turned into a boomerang so you can post it on your social media. Once you do this, you get a free eyebrow palette! We were also given free cleansing wipes which are worth £10, I've heard great things about the brand Pixi, especially their Glow Tonic toner. I was silly enough to not bring some money to buy myself some stuff but it was nice getting some free goodies! 

So there you have it, that was my day at Beautycon London. It really was amazing, I know this is going to sound weird but when you see people in real life that you watch all the time on YouTube or follow on social media, it makes you realise they're just ordinary people like you and me. It may sound weird, I know but these people are just so chilled and I'm happy I was able to see a lot of them. I got way too shy to say hi to some of them but just seeing them up close was good enough for me lol. 

I'll definitely be going again next year! .

Love Sham x  


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