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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Favourite Christmas movies!

In honor of it being the most wonderful time of the year, I thought I'd share a little christmasy post with you all and tell you what my favourite Christmas movies are! This will be a very short one but I enjoy seeing other peoples favourite films around this time of the year so I thought why not share mine..

Home Alone 1 and 2

Home Alone is just that ultimate classic Christmas movie, it's really become one of my favs to watch every year.. sometimes even throughout the year! It's only a couple years that I really started to love this film, especially the first and second film. My love for spending Christmas in New York just doubles every time I watch the second film. 

The Polar Express

I remember the first time I watched The Polar Express, I was about 12 and I have watched it every year since. There's just something about this film that just fills me with so much Christmas joy, I love the whole aspect of how important it is to believe in something even though it may not be real to everyone else. As a Christian, I know that all too well lol. I literally tear up every time I watch this film, it's just too cute! 

A Muppets Christmas Carol 

A musical to do with Christmas? Errr, yes please! Once again, I just love this film, the muppets are awesome and this is one film I get very, very excited to watch every year. It's another classic Christmas tale, a man who first hated Christmas but discovered just how wonderful it is through the help of others. I also really like the animated version where Jim Carey plays Ebeneezer Scrooge. 


"The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear." I'm sure it's not just me who loves this line in Elf, this is such a cheery Christmas film and Will Ferrell is just brilliant as Buddy. It's not your typical Christmas film either, the plot is so different and it's another reason why I love this film. 

The Santa Clause

This is another favourite of mine, I used to watch this a lot when I was younger and as you may guess.. I still watch it till this day lol. To me this a classic Christmas story line, where the kids father becomes Santa Clause, it's another feel good movie for me. I don't really hear this as a popular film around this time of the year, if you haven't seen it before definitely give it a watch.

Last Holiday 

This is one film I won't just watch during Christmas time but also throughout the year, I feel like there's a great message behind it and if you've seen it before you might know what I mean by that. It's a beautiful film with a great cast and it's fun to watch, especially around this time as it not only involves Christmas but New Years too!

The Holiday

I absolutely love a romantic Christmas movie, there's got to be at least one on everyone's Christmas movie list. The Holiday is that perfect rom-com for this time of the year, I really like the storyline behind it and how love was found for everyone. I've been watching this every year for a few years now and I fall in love with it every time. 

This Christmas

If you know me well, you'll know I'm a massive fan of Chris Brown.. that's how I first heard of this film and of course I just had to watch it. This film shows the problems that lay within a family but also shows just how important family is and just how much you need to stick together regardless of what you've been through. Oh and we cannot forget that the power of Christmas always brings people together. 

Arthur Christmas

This is a film I first watched last year and loved it instantly! A great British Christmas animated film and I haven't come across anyone who said they didn't love it. It's a really good family movie for everyone to enjoy and once again, the storyline is also great in my opinion. Definitely give it a watch! 

Love Actually
This is also another great British Christmas film. I heard so many good things about this film before watching it, I also only watched this for the first time last year around this time and I can see why people love it so much. It's another good rom-com for Christmas!

So there you have it, I'd love to know what some of your favourite Christmas films are. Leave a comment below :)

Love Sham x


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