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Friday, December 16, 2016

Pixi Beauty Review

So if you read my post on when I went to beautycon recently (check it out here you've missed it), you'll see that I was given a couple goodies from Pixi beauty. I was super excited to try these out as I've heard a lot of great things about this brand.

Moisturizing cleansing cloths

The first product I tried out was the moisturizing cleansing cloths. I had never used any cleansing cloths before this so I was interested to see how I'd find them. These aren't necessarily meant to remove make up, the packet simply says "these cleansing cloths lift away impurities while effectively moisturizing and protecting the skin." These cloths are also infused with aloe vera and camellia oil which are great for the skin, I know for me personally that aloe vera has worked well with my skin in the past. 

You don't need to wash your face after using these, I simply take off my make up with some micellar water and then coconut oil to get any extra bits of make up off, I then use these cleansing cloths to wipe everything off and honestly, my skin is left feeling so refreshed and nicely moisturized. If you're really too tired to wash your face after, you don't have to feel too guilty just going to bed after using these cloths lol. My skin has been loving these cleansing clothes, sometimes my skin can get dry, especially at night so these are perfect. 

These retail for £10 which may seem like a lot for some cleansing cloths but take into consideration that there are 40 of these in one packet! You tend to get 25 in most of these packets from other brands but there's a great amount in these. Pixi beauty is also quite an affordable brand, offering great products, check out some of their reviews online to really see what it's about.

Brow Powder Palette

I've only ever used one other brow powder palette, which was by Sleek and that was a slight disappointment so I stuck to brow pencils. I was very surprised by how good this brow powder palette is, the pigment is just right. I first used it to fill in any spaces my brow pencil didn't fill in properly and it made my brows look more bold and full. I then went onto trying it just by itself and that's where I really saw just how good it is. It applies very smoothly, a little also goes a long way and I found that my brows remained in tact all day too. This palette retails for £16, I also use the second to last shade as it goes the best with my skin tone. 

Now, I'm not the best at doing make up and I know my brows may not look the nicest but I'm working on it lol. I did my foundation and concealer first then my eyebrows, I didn't want to do a complete make up look hence why I decided to just take a photo before applying any eye shadow just so you can clearly see what my brows look like. 

Yes.. that's a headscarf on my head, I gotta have that hair out of my face when doing make up!

My next purchase from Pixi beauty will definitely be the Glow Tonic Toner but I recommend these two beauty products I've tried to anyone. Do any of you own anything from Pixi beauty? If so, what is it and how do you like the product?

Love Sham x 

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