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Sunday, February 5, 2017


 I remember when I first saw this jumpsuit, I was in Zara with one of my friends and we spotted it from a distance. It's funny because the old me would not have even looked twice at something like this but velvet has become such a trend lately and I wanted to add something different to my wardrobe. We both grabbed one in our size and headed straight to the changing room, I put it on and it was the comfiest piece of clothing I'd ever worn! I loved the way it shaped my figure, it was just perfect. Sadly, I couldn't buy it on the day because I was broke lol but one my good friends did the cutest thing and bought this as a surprise for my birthday! I was so happy to get it because I just wanted to style it up and share it with you all. I haven't actually worn it out but I will very soon. 

I wanted to keep this look very minimal, I didn't want to add any crazy jewelry to it because I wanted the jumpsuit to speak for itself. However, if you want to add a necklace that's quite fancy then you can. I wore my cuff earrings so I thought I should leave the neck bare. I might add a bracelet or something next time just to make it look a little more exciting lol.

I really had to work with what I had when it came to my shoes. I've been wanting to invest in a pair of black strap heels, these are similar but have an extra strap in the middle.

You've all seen my jacket on here before, it's the coat I bought also from Zara. I originally wanted to style this look with a leather jacket but the one I have isn't fitted and it just didn't look right when I put it all together so my Zara coat was a life saver lol. In regards to a bag, the ones I had also didn't look right but I would suggest you can pair this with a nice simple clutch, preferably once to match the color of your shoes. 

Jumpsuit - Zara
Coat - Zara
Heels - Office
Cuff earrings - New Look

Love Sham x


  1. Stunning jumpsuit! you look like a doll!It makes you body look very sexy but is nowhere tacky! superb!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thank you so much! And yes of course, I've followed you now :)


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