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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Hey guys! Over the weekend I went to BlogConLDN, a blogging event held by the amazing Scarlett London. This was my second blogging event that I went to and I was so excited to see what Scarlett had in store this time! 

This event was held at the QEII Conference Center in Westminster, I had never been to this center before but it was a great location. I met up with my fellow blogger babe, Nancy.. check her blog out here.

We saw some really cool brands and of course received some free goodies! I'll share with you some of the brands I spoke to and give you information on their products. 

Chi Chi London

This brand is a young, fast fashion brand bringing catwalk inspired fashion direct to the high street. All of their limited edition pieces are designed and hand made in house which I think is always an amazing quality a brand can have because it makes gives it a more personal touch. Their dresses range from prom, cocktail, evening and maxi style so whatever the event, I'm sure you'll find something you love. 

At the event, they actually had a rail full of their gorgeous dresses. Not only are the style of the dresses lovely but the quality is great too. Another thing I liked about this brand is that they even offer dresses for the curvy and petite ladies out there. A clothing brand that caters to all sizes is a brand to be supported! 

Cute Nutrition

I was super excited when I saw this brand at BlogCon because I've heard a lot of great things about from one of my favourite bloggers, Sarah Ashcroft. I know she swears by this and although I've never used protein shakes in the past, I've definitely seen how much this has helped Sarah in getting in shape. Something I found to be unique about this brand is their flavours for their protein shakes such as Strawberry Daiquri, Porn Star Martini (my favourite cocktail btw! lol) and Pina Colada. I just think it's a fun spin on your standard protein shake flavours, they even have vegan shakes too.

Cute Nutrion also offer different types of shakes, such as toning and sculpting, weight loss shakes and they've just started selling chocolate bars.. guilt free of course! Other products they offer are vitamins for hair, skin and nails, multi-vitamins, green tea capsules and many more. 


This is brand was so new to me but after leaving the stall, I was so impressed with what I was told. This is a luxury beauty brand that offers products for anti-ageing, loaded with anti-inflammatories suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin. The lady who spoke to us really showed the passion she had for this brand and that they're not one of those 'miracle' skincare products. I quote "our mission is that you feel confident, INcluded, beautiful and relevant at every age". This brand really stands for girl power and uplifting other women around us, no matter what age, this brand wants every woman out there to feel special and part of something amazing. 

We were given a sample of one of their popular products which is the melting balm, you can use this to remove your make up. The lady gave us a demonstration of how this works, she applied a small amount on the back of our hands and as we rubbed it in it had this smooth consistency, she then sprayed some water onto it which then turned it into a milk, making it easier to remove. Their products are made with sweet almond oil which is rich in vitamin E and is hydrating for the skin as it thoroughly cleanses. 

We got fortune cookies too! I thought I'd share the message inside lol.


Dyna Bar is a luxury protein bar, full of flavour and designed to support the maintenance of your muscle mass and the growth you're looking for. This brand has also been voted the best tasting protein bar on the market! This protein bar is coated in milk chocolate, with a layer of caramel while incorporating all the nutritional requirements needed. 

The stall for Dyna Bar was holding a fun competition where you had to guess which one was a Dyna Bar out of 3 different pieces of chocolates. Me and Nancy were blind folded and one by one we were given a piece of chocolate to try and in the end we had to guess which one tasted like a protein bar. We both guessed right! One thing this brand wanted to make sure they achieved was to create a protein bar that tasted as good as chocolate bar but still had all the good nutrition's needed because one thing a lot of people say about the taste of protein bars are that they are quite plain. I've since tried this and I can say its something I thoroughly enjoyed eating and didn't feel guilty about it. 


Mashooq is a hair care brand that offers deep penetrating oils, this product can be used for deep conditioning hair, protecting against heat and chemicals and to treat dry scalps. This oil is a unique blend of six natural oils, coconut, sweet almond, olive, sunflower, palm and wheat germ, packed with other nutrients to feed and protect the hair. It's also suited for all hair types although especially good for Afro-Caribbean hair that needs extra hydration. This even works as a protective mask allowing colours, perms and bleaches to work effectively without risk of damage to your hair or scalp. I'm yet to try this product so look out for a review!

Lola's Apothecary

This brand is perfect for us girls who love to pamper ourselves. They uses natural ingredients to create their products, great for sensitive skin. They're goal is to not only offer skin care products that are natural and good for the skin but also become a welcome part of ones self care ritual. This brand offers bath oils, bath milk, bath salts and even body products. Some other products they offer are candles, wellness teas and chocolates! One thing I liked about the scent of their products was that they were infused with rose and spiced extracts. 

They were kind enough to sample us this body massage oil and a clementine wellness tea which I can't wait to try. I would love to purchase some of their products in the future, I love a good pamper kit!

Natural World 

This is another hair care product that I was so impressed by. Natural World use natural ingredients from around the world to create their hair care products. Their shampoos, conditioners and hair masks use 95% natural derived ingredients and all oils are certified organic. Their ranges also include Argan Oil of Morocco, Brazilian Keratin and Chia Seed Oil, these products are actually available in Tesco.

Some of their ranges are Coconut Water, Paw Paw and Quiona, Charcol and Mint, Argain Oil of Morocco, Brazilian Keratin and Chia Seed. These ranges specified for different hair issues such as lack of hydration, dry hair or coloured hair. I can't wait to try out the Argan Oil shampoo!

The Good Guru

This is another fitness brand that offers different ranges of protein shakes, super foods, essentials such as vitamins and formulas. I'm not working out at the moment so I won't be trying the protein shake just yet but the oats look pretty good! 

Forever Aloe

Before this event, I had heard a lot about Forever Aloe but I definitely learnt more about it after speaking to one of the ladies from the stand. They offer a range of products mainly with the ingredient aloe vera. Aloe vera has personally been very beneficial to me, especially for my skin but this brand offers different products such as body products, essential oils and drinks. The aloe vera drink is one of the main products for this brand, it's beneficial for maintaining a healthy digestive system. We got to try a sample of the flavour berry nectar, it was actually pretty good but the main aloe vera flavour was one I was intrigued to try out considering the lady said a lot of people can't handle the flavour. I personally really liked it, it's a flavour I could definitely get used to.

Forever Aloe are actually holding a 30 day challenge where they'll send you a bottle of one of the juices and you take a shot of the juice every morning for 30 days and then document your results. I can't wait to try this, it's little things like this I'd like to try and add to my everyday lifestyle to help improve my health. 

So that's all the brand information from BlogCon, overall it was a nice day. There were also talks being held by bloggers on different topics such as how to build an audience, marketing yourself and many more!

P.S. I'll be sharing some photos of my outfit very soon. 

Love Sham x

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