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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Better days are coming!

Now that I've finished university, one of my biggest aims for this summer is to get back into being more consistent with my blog posts. I have a holiday coming up on Tuesday so apologies in advance for any lack of posts during the next week! However after that I promise it will be nothing but consistency. So let's get into today's post.. Recently I've come to a realization about so much due to situations that have happened to me and I want to share some advice/tips with you.

You know when everything around you seems to be going okay? You're content with life and it's as if nothing could go wrong but then the unexpected happens. Unexpected events affect us all in different ways and life has a funny way of throwing them at you just when you've become comfortable with everything. The question is, how do you deal with these situations? I'm simply here to tell you that being down constantly and feeling as if the world is against you won't do you any favours.

Being positive isn't easy, scratch that it's bloody difficult! I personally believe it's a lot easier to be negative about a situation than to think positive thoughts about it.. I don't know why that is but does anyone else agree? What is about being negative that allows people to become so comfortable within that? I don't have all the answers clearly but the least I can do is share how I've learnt to cope with it.

It's all temporary..

One quote that has been helping me a lot recently is that "you're current situation is not your final destination". It may feel as if there's no way your situation can get any better but trust me.. there's a light at the end of the tunnel. If you've managed to overcome other difficult situations in the past, why can't you get through this one? Seriously. It might be worse this time round but the same way you didn't expect to end up in that bad situation in the first place, is the same way you'll feel once you're out of it. 

Find a coping mechanism 

This is very important. No matter how good or bad a situation is, you've got to find that one thing that makes you feel good, this is very important especially during those tough times. It's no good sitting there being all up in your feelings, you've got to keep yourself distracted! This could be working out, being around friends and family or my personal favourite.. shopping but not all of us can afford to go shopping on a regular basis lol. 

Always talk to someone

One of my cousins told me that you should have 3 people that you can confide in, whether that's family, friends or both but its not too many people and it's not just one opinion either. I used to struggle opening up to people about any situation I was going through but I have found it not only therapeutic but it helps so much to hear words of encouragement from those close to you. Don't ever feel like you have to go through something alone. 

These are all 3 simple steps that have helped me so much recently, I believe that no matter what you're going through, you will come out of it and it will make you stronger. If you want to start being more positive about bad situations then you have to start off by changing your mindset and I believe that these 3 steps can help you do just that.

I hope that this helps at least one person out there and remember.. better days are coming!

Outfit details 
Jumpsuit - Gap
Heels - New Look
Rings - H&M

Photography by @fromkamok on twitter and instagram! A massive thank you to Kamo for taking these photos, she was generous enough to offer a free photoshoot for bloggers in London and lord knows how bad I've been wanting to have a proper photoshoot for my blog so I had to take up this opportunity. It's so lovely when bloggers can come together and create magic!

Love Sham x


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