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Friday, October 6, 2017

Fenty Beauty - Honest Review!

I'll be honest, when I initially heard about Rihanna releasing a make up line I wasn't that fussed.. don't get me wrong though, I bloody love the girl! It was only when she released the ad and photo's showing the variety of foundations that I was like, yeah take my coins.

I remember when the line launched, it was 8am in the morning here in the UK when it was released online and best believe I was ready to get what I want! As expected, there was a queue for the online website and I waited about 12 minutes to actually get onto the site. Just a side note, I had no clue I could order the products from the Harvey Nichols website. The main thing I wanted was the foundation which I ordered through but I ended up ordering the lipgloss from Harvey Nichols after.

In total, I paid £50 for this foundation to come. The foundation itself is $34.00 dollars which works out to be £24.00. Of course there was international shipping charges and luckily custom charges was included in this price too. If you live in the UK, you don't need to worry about custom charges, ordering it from the Harvey Nichols site will be £6 delivery. 

Unfortunately, I threw away the box the foundation and lipgloss came in but the packaging is lovely.. very different but I'm sure you've all seen it. 

The foundation bottle is such a good size and I love the design. It's definitely different to your standard foundation bottle and it's always a win if it's got a pump too! I also love the packaging for the lip gloss, it's a cute size and the design is unique too. 

The foundation
Sooo onto the actual product.. As expected, it was very difficult to pick a shade through the website and not actually seeing the product in front of me. With such a wide range of shades, you have to be so careful what shade you pick. I was sat going through different shades for a good 5-10 mins before I chose one and it took me relying on a blogger I follow (who is the same shade as me in other foundations) for me to know which one to choose! It was such an exciting and scary moment when I did the first pump and applied it to my face.

Honestly, it's not the most perfect match which wasn't too much of a surprise and I'm lucky I've actually been able to make it work as it's not a massive difference. I would like to think that I have more of a yellow/warm undertone and the foundation I have is a red undertone. 

It's a very, very light foundation and you have to give it a good shake before using it. A big thing for me is coverage because I have a lot of acne scars and for me personally, the coverage for this foundation isn't great. If you have clear/pretty much perfect skin then the coverage won't be an issue. I definitely have to go in with my MAC concealer to really cover up any dark spots to get that flawless look.

The pro about this foundation however is how matte it is. If you have oily skin, I am telling you this foundation will be your best friend. It goes matte instantly and feels like you're not wearing anything at all, I guess with it being a light foundation, it's not going to feel "cakey" which is always a plus. 

The lipgloss
One thing about me is that I have never been a fan of lipgloss. I never used to wear it but recently I purchased my first lipgloss by MAC and fell inlove and after buying this lipgloss by fentybeauty I fell inlove even more! The smell of it is heavenly, the applicator is perfect and it looks so gorgeous on top of a nude lipstick. I've heard a lot of people saying that certain lipgloss's are not sticky and I think to myself whatever but honestly, gloss bomb is not sticky at all. 

As much as the coverage of the foundation isn't the best, I've been using this foundation since getting it purely because it's so matte and I only have to apply powder once throughout the day as apposed to 3-4 times! As for the lipgloss, I genuinely don't have anything negative to say about it, I will 100% repurchase it.

I would love to know what some of your thoughts are on any fentybeauty products you've purchased. Leave a comment or a link to your review below :)

Love Sham x 


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