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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Current beauty favourites!

It's been a while since my last beauty favourites post and although the last one was more make up based, I really wanted to share some skin/body care products. 

I'm one of the unlucky few that has really suffered with bad skin, all thanks to puberty. I have acne prone skin, a lot of acne scars and I break out quite often but some of these products have helped to control all of that. My skin is not where I want it to be just yet but I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I sometimes suffer from dry skin on my body so it's important that I use body lotions that are actually moisturizing! 

Pixi Glow Tonic 

This is a product I've used before and it worked really well on my skin. It has 5% glycolic acid which helps with acne scars, although my scars are not completely gone, they're slowly fading. The biggest lesson I've learnt when it comes to skin care is that you have to give the products a chance to actually work on your skin. It takes months to actually see proper results and it's a process so patience is key!

Seaweed Oil control gel cream

In addition to my acne prone skin, I also have oily/combination skin.. oh the joy! Before using this cream, I would get ridiculously oily during the day, to the point where I'd just want to go home and just be away from people who could see it. I mean, it's not bad when I have powder to apply throughout the day but since using this cream, I barely have to do that.

I use it every morning after cleansing and toning my face. It doesn't leave my skin completely dry which I like because you should never get rid of your skins natural oils. I've noticed that although I still get a little oily during the day, it's not anything crazy.. in fact, my skin tends to look quite dewy haha.  

Lush - Hand cream

This little gem was part of a lush gift set my boyfriend got me for my birthday. I've never used any lush hand creams before.. in fact, I've only ever used their lush bombs so I was looking forward to trying this out. It has a lemony, refreshing scent to it and yes, it's so moisturizing! I hate those deceiving hand creams that claim to be moisturizing but your hands are still dry after applying them. I like to keep this in my room and use it when needed.. I'll definitely be repurchasing it once it runs out. 

Japanese Camellia Velvet moisture body cream

Sooo, this amazing product is actually mums but of course.. what's hers is mine lol. I've always wanted to use a product from The Body Shop's Spa of The World range so it was a good thing my mum gave me this to try out. As I mentioned briefly, I tend to get dry skin on my body but this has worked wonders for my skin. It leaves my skin moisturized throughout the day and of course it smells divine. 

Lush - Facial Moisturizer

This was also part of my lush gift set and yet another lush skin care product I hadn't used before. I tend to use this in the evenings just before I go to sleep, it leaves my skin.. yes, you guessed it.. moisturized throughout the night! It also has the same scent as the hand cream.

So there you have it, those are my current favourite beauty products. Any recommendations? Please do share below in the comments :)

Love Sham x


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