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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A weekend in Manchester..

Over the weekend, me and my boyfriend went up to Manchester to celebrate our 6 year anniversary.. I know right, 6 years! I've been so blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life. We've never really got the chance to go away on holidays or weekends away so it was very exciting for us to finally get to go away together for more than just one night! 

We stayed at The Midland hotel, located right in St Peter's Square. We booked this through, which can I just say is absolutely amazing! We've already booked our next hotel through this website. I'm sure you've all heard of it but it offers really good deals on hotels, whether you want to stay local or go abroad. 

This hotel was stunning, we'd never seen anything like it. From the staff, to the atmosphere, the decor, everything was lovely. It was also the perfect location because we were in the city center, everything was within walking distance. 

We arrived in Manchester around 2:30pm and went to check into our hotel, we stayed in the hotel till we needed to get ready to head out for dinner. For our anniversary dinner we went to Steak and Lobster, which was literally a 2 minute walk from our hotel. The restaurant was located in another hotel, quite small but cute. We were so excited to have some steak, it's become a thing for us now that every anniversary, we get steak! This restaurant is reasonably priced and they even have unlimited fries and salad.. the cocktails were amazing too.

After our meal, we went for some drinks at a rooftop bar called Manchester House. This was recommended by one of my close friends. It was such a nice, classy bar and had the nicest view. 

After multiple drinks at this bar AND the hotel bar, we had to call it a night. Of course, we suffered from a hangover the next morning but it was worth it and we managed to get up in time for breakfast which was really good BUT.. they didn't have baked beans (what an outrage). 

Sunday afternoon we went to the spa and chilled in the pool and jacuzzi for a while. Before this we went for a walk around the town center to pick up a couple things and just have a look around. Dinner that day was at Byron Burger, I had never been before but my boyfriend kept telling me how good it was, I've always heard good things about this place so was super excited to go. I had been craving a really good burger for a while so I definitely wasn't disappointed! The burger was juicy, yummy and full of goodness. 

Chicken nuggets... mmm!

Monday was our last day here and at the very last minute we decided to go to a museum. Funny enough, we didn't actually plan properly what we were gonna do whilst in Manchester so it was nice to take a little spontaneous trip to the museum. 

We were so impressed by this museum, it's actually located in Manchester University and my goodness the building was stunning.. total Harry Potter vibes! It was nice to see the museum display historical features from different countries and including a lot of information on different animals and their species. It took us a good hour and a bit to walk around the whole thing but was totally worth it.

After this, we headed back into the town center where we had Taco Bell for lunch (disgusting btw) but we both really wanted to try it out. To make up for such a crappy meal, we had pancakes for dessert which were yummy!

In the end, it was time to head home. Both of us felt so depressed getting our bags and heading to the train station, it was such a perfect weekend (besides taco bell lol). We're already planning to go back in the summer time for a longer period of time, I've truly fallen in love with Manchester and I can't wait to see more of it. 

Love Sham x

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