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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Staying positive in difficult times..

One of the hardest things to do in life is to remain positive in difficult situations. When we receive bad news our first reaction is to freak out and assume the worst! It's normal to do this but also such a bad habit. Over time, I've actually become a lot better with this myself and I just want to share a few tips that have helped me!

Disclaimer: All of the tips I share are nothing new and these are things that have helped me from personal experiences. Everyone has different ways with dealing with things.. this is just my perspective. 

Allow yourself to process it

What I mean by this is, before you react to something negative.. allow yourself to process whatever's just happened. It's never a good thing to simply react whilst you're feeling a lot of emotions, whether that's anger, hurt, disappointment.. whatever it is. I've been in situations where I haven't allowed myself to process something and regretted the way I reacted in that moment. This comes with time though, like everything else in life, it's a process but you'll get there in the end.

Deal with it

Okay, I don't mean it as blunt as that but everyone has a way of dealing with difficult situations. This could be anything from meditation, listening to music, being around friends and family. Whatever it is, you need to find something that's gonna help you get through those difficult times. For me, it's all the things I've just mentioned.. I love being around people that uplift me, I love listening to music and mediation has helped me massively.


There's always a silver lining

I never used to believe this but honestly, it's so true. Sometimes we can't always see the silver lining in that exact moment and a lot of the time, it takes you being out of that situation to actually find the positive in it all. Believing in there being a silver lining is quite like the saying "everything happens for a reason" and I guess that's what I'm trying to remind you of. 

Only you know your situation

It's one thing to tell someone what you're going through but only you know the reality of it all. It's so easy for an outsider to make certain judgement but they will never know just how difficult things are for you. Never allow people's opinions to make you feel guilty or put you down even more about whatever struggle you're going through. Know your truth and stand within that.. besides, it's easier to deal with all the negative comments when you your truth.

It gets better

Whatever struggle you're going through, always remind yourself that this is just a temporary situation. You're not gonna be stuck here forever, this is just a storm you need to go through to come out stronger on the other side. Look back at the tough times you've had before, I'm sure you can say that you've become a stronger person since then. 

You're stronger than you think.. it's such a cliche but holds so much truth.

Love Sham x

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