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Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Montcalm Royal London House

Hey guys! So on Bank Holiday Monday, me and Daniel went to London for his birthday and stayed at The Montcalm Royal London House. I've never really written a proper hotel review before but I really wanted to share my thoughts on this place.

So for Daniel's birthday, I really wanted to do something special and that included staying in a nice hotel. I've never really been able to spoil him properly when it comes to birthdays so it was exciting planning it all! 

We've both never stayed over in a hotel in London before so I was quite looking forward to seeing all the different options. I went through to find somewhere nice, this website has become my absolute favourite when it comes to booking hotels, it's just so convenient. The price for one night here was £118 however I noticed the prices do vary depending when you book. This price was not including breakfast, for breakfast it was an additional £25 per person which was abit too much for me. 

It was relatively quite easy for me to find somewhere, I knew it had to be somewhere close to where we were going for dinner (Shaka Zulu - Camden) but also quite central. This hotel is located in Finsbury Park, Liverpool Street Station is just a 10 min walk from here. You're also not far from a lot of restaurants so the options are there. We actually went to The Breakfast Club for breakfast the next morning which is also a 10 min walk. 

As soon as you walk into this hotel there's a very sophisticated vibe to it. Everything is very sleek and classy with very modern interior. I felt so under dressed being here, no make up on, jeans and a jumper on whilst everyone else I saw was a lot more dressed to the part lol. I know that shouldn't matter but sometimes you can't help but notice the difference. 

Check in was quite straight forward, the only thing I wasn't expecting was to be charged £50 for any damages that may occur to the room during your stay. This £50 will be paid back to you if everything is still in the same condition and I assume most hotels have this in place but it was my first time coming across it. 

On to the bedroom..

There was sky! I couldn't believe it. I was so tempted to just stay in and watch movies all day lol. At one point the channels started changing by themselves which was creepy.

Another thing that was impressive was the mobile phone, you could search all the recommended restaurants near you, shopping centers and places to visit. This came in handy when we were trying to figure out what to get for lunch.

Just a note..

A lot of places were closed on this day since it was Bank Holiday. We didn't realise we'd struggle so much trying to find places open to get lunch however we ended up going to Pizza Express lol.

The room was lovely, cute and chic. You can really see the modern feel throughout the hotel but the room was even more impressive! There was a built in touch pad by the bathroom door which allowed you to turn the bathroom light off and on, control the heating/air conditioning and any other lights in the room. Above our bed side tables there was another little control panel like this too but what I found super impressive was the mood light, it was a nice touch. 

The only thing that wasn't so nice was when we first walked into the bathroom, it had an awful smell and I assume this was because of the sewers. The smell did however fade away within an hour or so which wasn't so bad in the end. 

The hotel had a roof top bar which was stunning! I absolutely fell in love with the interior and decor here, it was so vibrant with colours and yet again that modern, chic feel to it. Although the weather wasn't so great, we couldn't resist going outside to see the view properly. It was such a windy day but it was worth the cold lol. One of the bartenders came out and gave us blankets too! 

Overall, it was a very pleasant, comfortable stay and I'd highly recommend it. Especially with websites such as, you can get really good rates to stay here. We've already decided we'll be staying here again soon. 

Love Sham x

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