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Sunday, September 16, 2018

What I got at Bicester Village!

So you would've seen from my previous post that this time last weekend I went to Bicester Village for a bit of retail therapy. I didn't go too crazy, if anything I mainly got new clothes for work! Of course I had to share with you all what I got too. 

I used to have this perception that when going to Bicester Village you need a lot of money but that's not the case at all. It's an outlet at the end of the day so prices are so much cheaper, you can buy little bits here and there for such a good price. I mean, if you're looking for a specific designer purchase then yeah, it's still pricey lol. 

As I mentioned in my last post here, I initially went to Bicester to buy my first designer item.. a Mulberry purse but they didn't have the one I wanted. So I thought to myself why not still treat myself to some new clothes? 

Recently when I've been shopping, I just seem to gravitate towards clothes for work! I spend the majority of my time there so it's only normal I buy work clothes right? 

Anyway, let's get into what I bought! 

These shoes were actually from my mum, she decided to go back to Bicester the day after and surprised me with these shoes! I had been complaining so much about my current work shoes as they were just not comfortable and the platform was not flat. After seeing these babies I was beyond happy! Now, the only issue is, these are Italian leather (Ralph Lauren) and I was told I'll need to get them stretched out abit as they are super tight around the front of my feet. Still cute though!

This is just the cutest dress ever and it feels amazing on! I couldn't really capture the detail properly but the sleeves are flared and it has such a flattering fit.. perfect for the autumn weather. This dress is from Cos and it was super affordable! You know when you buy a new outfit and you just can't wait to wear it out in public? That was me the day I went into work wearing this lol. 

Finally, a new belt. I had been wearing the same belt for such a long time and it was just falling apart, once again my mum always told me off wearing cheap belts and after getting this one from Ralph Lauren.. I'm never turning back. I've never had a good quality belt and the beauty about this is that it's reversible. So useful!

I had been on the hunt for some work trousers like this, I initially had some from Zara but I burnt a whole through them with an iron lol. These are from Cos and I am obsessed with them! The quality is amazing and I love how you can pretty much wear these for both a smart and casual look. These were such a bargain too, Cos isn't your most affordable shop but I couldn't believe how affordable everything was at the outlet store. 

So there you have it, my Bicester Village purchases. What are some of your favourite stores there?

Love Sham x



  1. Love this post. I’m going in a few weeks to get a bag. (If they have it!)

    1. Thank you! Fingers crossed they have the bag you want, if not defo have a look round at other stuff :)


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