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Sunday, January 20, 2019

A stay at Coombe Abbey..

This weekend myself and Daniel went to stay at the gorgeous Coombe Abbey hotel in Coventry. His mum had given us some money for Christmas towards an experience and this place was something completely different to where we've ever stayed before. Our package was an overnight stay including a 3 course meal and breakfast.

We were so excited to go away for the weekend together as this was also our first time in Coventry and we weren't too sure what there was to do up there. We ended up just going around the city center and getting some lunch at Zizzi's after a few attempts to get lunch elsewhere as the queues in other restaurants were up to an hours wait! Sadly it was raining so we didn't get to explore as much as we would've liked so after lunch we headed straight to the hotel as check in was at 3:30.

Before arriving, we had obviously seen pictures of this place and it looked amazing! It's an old historic hotel which actually used to be a former country house. As soon as we turned into the drive way, we were both blown away at how huge the grounds were! There it was in the distance.. this gorgeous building filled with character. If you know me well, you know I just love architecture so being here was really feeding into my love for it even more.

As soon as we got into the hotel, it felt like we had stepped back in time to the 1800's! The detail was just something else, from the great big wooden doors to the stone walls and low light. 

Check in was very simple, we made our way to our room and I must say, the hallways were a little.. creepy. Speaking of creepy, I was told before hand that this hotel was haunted.. great right? No! I refused to look into any scary stories about this place because let me tell you, it does also give off that creepy/haunted vibe. The hallways were a burgundy colour with lights as fake candles and old statues. You could also easily get lost if you're not paying attention to the signs because let's not forget, this place is huge!

We were so eager to see what our room looked like, we weren't sure if we'd be getting the 4 post bed or something else so we were keen to find out. Our room was right in the centre of Coombe Abbey and it was a cosy little room filled with so much character. Just look at the photos below..

Since check in was at 3:30, we spent the rest the afternoon in our room just taking in the surroundings of this beautiful place.. it was actually really cosy. We had dinner reservations at 7:30 so we got ready for this and made our way down to the Garden room.. which was.. yes, you guessed it.. beautiful! A cute conservatory with so much detail. We had a lovely meal here, we were both so full from the 3 course meal that we woke up this morning still feeling full! 

Our evening concluded with a nice warm bath and a few episodes of Who Wants to be a Millionaire (classic). We both just felt so exhausted from the food coma we had so we slept pretty early for a Saturday night! I must say, half way during the night I had a nightmare and started to freak myself out with all the scary things I started to think about that hotel. Thankfully I managed to get back to sleep fairly quick.

We woke up around 8am with the intention to go for a run but that bed was soooo comfortable we just couldn't get up in time lol. Check out was at 10:30 sadly so we felt slightly rushed to get breakfast and pack. It was 9:30 by the time we were ready to get breakfast and we were so shocked at the queue! We waited for 15 minutes in line before being sat down which we weren't too pleased about as we've both never had to wait around that long for breakfast before. Either way, it was a lovely breakfast back in the Garden room which looks even more beautiful during the day. We were both still full from the night before so we didn't go too crazy with the breakfast buffet.

We managed to check out in time and decided to go for a stroll around the rest of the hotel to really get to the see the grounds. Coombe Abbey truly is stunning and I'm so happy we got to have that experience. 

There was one thing that did put me off and that was the service we received at dinner in the evening, seeing how other couples were given that extra special treatment compared to ourselves was so noticeable to both of us that by the time we were ready to order dessert.. we felt abit fed up and ready to leave. 

Overall, our stay at Coombe Abbey was lovely. We both would love to come back here one day and I would recommend it to anyone else to visit too! It really is a unique experience.

Love Sham x 


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