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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Thailand.. part 2!

Our time in Phuket came to an end, and it was time for us to go to the next island.. Koh Samui and onto hotel number 4! This place was highly recommended by Jasmine and Jacob, it was called Mantra Samui. A beautiful, modern hotel located away in such a quiet, peaceful area. You just felt so much at peace being in this place and yes, yet another gorgeous view from our room overlooking the beach. I honestly felt like I was looking at a screen saver or something on google images because the views in Thailand are unreal. Don't even get me started on the sunsets! 

Koh Samui was a lot less busy compared to Phuket and honestly, our second week was just more chilled out. We didn't do any excursions here but we definitely got to experience a proper street market and some beautiful beaches. I must say the market we went to was sooooo cool! The food, the cheap cocktails, the entertainment, it was such a different experience and I loved every moment of it. 

Before we went to the market though, we went to a bar which was located along the beach. This was hands down the most beautiful beach and bar setting I'd ever been to.. complete Instagram goals! The picture's just don't do it justice. We came back to this bar for Jasmine's birthday as they had a restaurant too, of course the food was incredible. 

On Jasmine's birthday, we went hiking up to a waterfall. This place was of course full of tourists, the waterfalls here are quite popular and you can opt to get up there by a car or you can brave it and walk. What did we do you ask? We walked! This was of course such a challenge for me however for the others, they absolutely loved it. Daniel loves hiking and the fact that we were doing this in Thailand was even better. I actually didn't make it to the top of the waterfall just because it was becoming very difficult for me to go up any higher and my anxiety started to take over. We were pretty much guessing which way to go in order to get up there and that uncertainty made me feel very uneasy. As the others went up to the top of the waterfall, I stayed put lol. 

Overall, our time in Koh Samui was wonderful. Like I said, it was so different to Phuket and it's somewhere I'd definitely come back to. I enjoyed Phuket but as it is so touristy compared to other places, I wouldn't necessarily want to experience that again. 

Our last day/evening was spent in Bangkok and we stayed at the Marriot Hotel.. hands down, one of the nicest hotels I've ever been in. From the moment we stepped out of our taxi, the staff were just so attentive and extremely friendly. I'm sure you've all heard of the Marriot Hotel before, it's a well known hotel and one word to describe it is.. luxurious. As this was our last night in Thailand, me and Daniel stayed in our hotel room and only went out for lunch. We didn't get to see much of Bangkok unfortunately or much of the hotel, we did however order room service and let me tell you, that whole experience was the best. Daniel was in awe at having the chef come to our room and the gentlemen serving our food wearing a suit and just providing a 10/10 service. The food itself was just lovely! 

So to wrap it up, Thailand was an incredible holiday. I hope the photos give you an indication on just how great it was out there. If you haven't been, I'd highly recommend it. This is somewhere I'd love to come back to one day and just see more of the island as there is still so much to see. I'll forever cherish this holiday, I'm also having major holiday blues right now. I long to be back on the beach and I miss the food as well as mango mojitos... oohhh those mango mojitos. 

Love Sham x

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