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Monday, July 15, 2019

A day out in Oxford..

Recently, over the weekend myself and Daniel went to Oxford for the day. This was the first full day we had together since Thailand so we were keen to make the mos to of it!

I had been to Oxford with my work colleagues a couple weeks before hand and had the best time. I didn't realize just how nice Oxford was and the shopping center is so good! I knew that after spending the day there with my colleagues, I'd have to come back with Daniel. We left quite early considering it was a Saturday so it would've been a busy day, luckily we can get the train to Oxford from our area quite easily and the train station is only a 10 minute walk into the center.

We hadn't really planned to do anything specific this day so it was a nice spontaneous day out. We headed to Starbucks first for a coffee but on our way there we saw Oxford Castle and Prison, we weren't too sure whether to just walk on in or pay because we saw a lot of people going in there. Turns out that they do an hour tours of the Castle and Prison only for £12.50! We quite like learning about history and were really fascinated to find out more about the history of this place.

The tour was brilliant. It was amazing hearing more about the Castle and Prison, what it was used for, what sort of prisoners were kept there and of course.. there was a ghost story in there somewhere. I took some pictures inside but like any tour, you're better off going there for yourself and going on one of these tours. It's scary to think that so much happened in the exact same place we walked but I'm so glad we went on this tour. 

As you can imagine, there were a lot of tourist groups on this tour, not only on the tour but in Oxford in general. I genuinely didn't realize how much of a tourist destination Oxford was and seeing all the school kids and adult tourist groups was just cute lol. I mean, it did get extremely busy as the day went on but that's expected. After exploring Oxford Castle and Prison, we went for some shopping, it was nice just looking around in some of the shops too.

After this, we went for some lunch. We weren't too sure what we were in the mood for considering there were so many food options! There were a lot of cute instagramable food places I was just dying to go into lol. After some wondering around, going back and forth between Vietnamese food or Burgers, we settled for Burgers. We went to a restaurant called Dirty Bones, I had heard of it before and after seeing someone eating a Mac and Cheese burger, I was already sold! 

The menu is pretty straight forward and very reasonable pricing. They have bottomless brunch deals and a really nice selection of cocktails. We didn't get any cocktails however as we were going to a bar afterwards. As much as seeing a Mac and Cheese burger tempted me into this place, I hesitated ordering it as I didn't know whether all the cheese would be too sickly for me. When it came to ordering, I asked the waitress whether she'd recommend the Mac Daddy burger and instantly she said yes as it's their best seller! Once again.. I was sold! 

Let me just say, it was hands down one of the best burgers I've ever tasted. I didn't want to finish it. It was the perfect amount of mac and cheese and having two burger patties also wasn't too much. The first bite sent my taste buds into pure excitement. I'm such a foodie and I felt like a true foodie eating this burger. It was a good size too so I didn't feel ridiculously full. Daniel had a spicy chicken burger which was also very yummy (of course I had a bite) and for a starter he ordered some spicy green peppers which were grilled quite nicely.

As you can tell, lunch was amazing!

After a really good lunch, we headed to The Varisty Club roof top bar. Daniel had been here before on his 21st birthday and said it was really good but as you can imagine, on a Saturday afternoon, it gets busy! We had to be put on a waiting list, we didn't wait around too long luckily, in fact the way they managed the busyness was very impressive. Not only this but the cocktails were so good too! You may recall me mentioning mango mojitos in my blog posts about Thailand, well I thought Thailand would be the only place I'd ever get them but believe it or not, this bar had mango mojitos... and mango daiquiris!! I was so excited to try this and it didn't disappoint, I mean the ones in Thailand were slightly better but this was good enough for me. 

We ended up having just 1 cocktail in the end as we needed to get our train back, we didn't want to come back too late and once we got back, we started watching Stranger Things season 3. So far I'm loving it but have only watched 3 episodes.. let me know what you think about this season if you've been watching it too :)

Love Sham x


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