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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Current skincare routine/favourite products

It's been a while since I shared my current favourite skin care products and I'm so happy I've now found some products that work so well with my skin and of course, I had to share with you all.

My skin type is combination/oily so it's always been a struggle for me to find products that work well with my skin and don't cause me to have break outs or oilier skin than normal. It's been years in the making of me finding those perfect products. 

I felt like I had tried pretty much everything, such as Clearskin, ProActive, Dermalogica, Simple and other well known skincare brands. One brand I hadn't tried out was Nivea, for some reason I never even thought of trying it. I remember using it for the first time at my auntie's house as I forgot my face wash. The feeling it gave my skin afterwards was just amazing, it didn't feel dried out and I noticed results very quickly. Since then, I've been obsessed with Nivea, their shower gel and hand cream are amazing and you may know from previous posts that I've been using their body lotion for a while. 

This is my skin now! Don't get me wrong, as I'm writing this I have a spot on my face that's bugging me but this is the thing, as much as I still get break outs here and there (mainly before or during my period), my skin has really come a long way. I used to have photos of when my skin was just horrible but I got rid of these a while ago, I got to a point where I couldn't see my skin improving at all, especially as I had really bad acne scars.

I think my skin has improved a lot and I feel a lot more confident not wearing make up than I ever used to.

So here are the gems that I've been using..

Nivea - 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner
Nivea - Exfoliating Wash
Clinique - Dramatically different moisturizing lotion
The Body Shop - Vitamin E Overnight Serum
The Body Shop - Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask
Garnier - Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

My daily routine is that every morning I use the Nivea 2 in 1 cleanser and toner and up to twice a week I'll use the Nivea exfoliating scrub. I used to use the scrub 3 times a week but was told by a beautician that it was too harsh on my skin. After I've cleansed my skin, I'll use the clinqiue moisturizer. 

I only use the Body Shop face mask once a week, generally on a Sunday evening and then I'll go in with the Vitman E Overnight serum (which was highly recommended by one of my friends). I'm sure we all know that the Body Shop isn't necessarily cheap but I'm so happy I invested in the face mask and the overnight serum as these two products really help keep my skin looking bright, fresh and feeling well moisturized. 

As for the Garnier tissue mask, this was also recommended to me by one of my friends however I don't use this very often. I'll use this tissue mask when I'm going out to an event or a night out as it really helps prepare my skin for a long night out! I couldn't miss this out as they really work, they're also so affordable and easy to use.

I also had to add in the Johnsons face wipes, these are hands down the best face wipes I've ever used. Have you ever used face wipes that leave your skin feeling dry afterwards? Well, this is what I became used to until I tried these. Not only do they do an amazing job at getting off my make up but they also leave my skin feeling fresh and moisturized. I tend to buy these in bulk now as they're not always available.

I don't see myself changing my skin care routine anytime soon, it's taken me long enough to find something that works so I want to stick to this. However, I'm always interested to hear about other beauty products so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Love Sham x


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