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Monday, July 1, 2019

Taking care of you first..

Having been in and out of blogging for a while now, I've come to the realization that blogging is one thing that keeps me sane lol. Why is that you may ask? I guess when life takes over, you realize how important it is to have an outlet.

These past few months have been difficult me for a number of reasons.. reasons I won't get into but it was only a couple weeks ago where I was at my lowest, thinking how can I get myself out of this horrible, constant mood. I found that I was letting certain aspects of my life take over to the point where my routine was, work, come home, watch TV, have dinner, sleep and repeat. It's been like this for a while now and in doing so, I have completely neglected myself.

I'm lucky enough to have some pretty amazing people I can confine in, you never know what piece of advise can instantly turn things around for you. Funny enough, what changed things for me recently wasn't necessarily a conversation I had with anyone, it was a sermon I watched on YouTube which was recommended from my mum. The video was called "Why Can't I Open That Door?" by Pastor Van Moody. For those who know of T.D. Jake, I'm sure you would've seen Pastor Van Moody in some of his videos. After days of trying to get me to watch this video, I finally sat down and listened to the sermon and it just reminded me of the importance of self care. 

It's been a very long time since I listened to a sermon or even been to church. I used to go on a regular and was raised in a Christian home, I'll have to share a post on my personal spiritual journey as it's quite the story lol. 

Anyway.. getting back into it. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to watch that sermon because it really is inspiring. There was a section where he spoke about us not taking of ourselves first yet we take of others all the time. We make ourselves available for others to take what they want from us, whether that's advice, time, money.. anything! I'm not saying it's wrong being there for someone else but you have to make sure that you're okay first. There's absolutely nothing selfish about that.

I'm learning to get back to doing the things that truly make me happy and putting myself first again. How can I accomplish what I want from life if I'm not okay within myself?

I sometimes look back at my previous blog posts and it makes me realize how consistent I was with blogging and uploading content on Instagram. I completely underestimated how happy I was when I was constantly posting content, not only this but even when I was going to the gym regularly, it helped me with my anxiety in a way I can't even explain. 

My issue has always been consistency, it's difficult maintaining a blog especially with a full time job but I'm no longer using that as an excuse. That goes for you too.. whatever it is that you feel like is your outlet, find a way to get back into it especially if you feel like you haven't done it in a while. I say this with in reason, if alcohol or drugs are your go to.. find something else lol. You need something that will uplift you mentally and physically but in the right way. 

Life is full of learning curves and I feel like I'm learning more about myself more and more. As much as I haven't blogging and going to the gym consistently, I've acknowledged my strength in dealing with difficult situations, a strength I never knew I even had. Combining this as well as my outlets, I know I'll be always be okay no matter how bad the situation is. Never doubt your strength, you've probably been through the most but for you to be where you are today, is an accomplishment in itself.

Keep taking care of yourself and everything will fall into place.

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Top - New Look
Skirt - Missguided
Shoes - Office
Sunglasses - Zara

Love Sham x

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