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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Current Favourite Summer Fashion Items

I know summer is coming to an end but I couldn't let it pass without sharing some of my current favourite summer fashion items. 

DISCLAIMER: Images are from Missguided website. 

Summer fashion isn't really my favourite, I tend to struggle on what I should wear especially living in England when the weather is hot one minute and then the next thing it's raining. The weather this summer has been so up and down but overtime I've managed to identify some of my favourite outfits to put together around this time of the year.


I've only really started wearing these this year funny enough. They are so comfortable and easy to wear with a bodysuit (which is also one of my other favourites) or a crop top. I've been meaning to invest in some more culottes as there are so many different types of that I've seen which would be nice for casual wear as well as smart wear. Another reason I why I like these are because they aren't too restricting, I tend to feel really uncomfortable during the summer and for all my fellow thick thigh girls out there, you'll know the struggle we have to deal with in this heat. Culottes are just breathable and comfortable for me.

Bardot top

I am obsessed with bardot tops! They are so flattering, sexy but cute at the same time. These are also quite good especially when it's a warm day outside because you can still throw on a light cardigan on top in case it gets chilly. These are so affordable too and you can find them pretty much in any high street store and of course online. 


These are possibly my favourite fashion item.. ever. If anyone knows me well, they know I love me a jumpsuit. They are so comfortable and yet again, easy to wear. There are so many different types of jumpsuits and I love that they are my go to for any sort of event or casual wear. Being a tall girl too, jumpsuits are very flattering for me and I like the different styles of fitted or baggy, you can dress them up in anyway aswell. 

Summer dresses

I remember when I used to hate wearing dresses, especially short dresses. I used to be extremely insecure about my legs and just never thought they looked nice in a short dress, I also used to hate wearing skirts. Maxi dresses were my go to but the older I get I've learnt to love my insecurities and embrace them as they are and with that being said, I have developed a love for summer dresses. They make me feel cute and girly and are such an easy item to just throw on and go.. are you noticing a theme here? Lol. 


I have always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and bodysuits have become my favourite thing to wear with jeans, this look is so flattering for my figure. I have also been wearing bodysuits with culottes, skirts and trousers so yet again, another versatile item. You can get basic looking bodysuits for such an affordable price however you can also get some more "dressed up" looking bodysuits for a special occasion.

And there you have it. These really have been my go to items this summer and I'll also be wearing them as autumn comes round because they are all so versatile and you can dress them up for pretty much any season. Wanna wear a dress in winter? Put on some tights and boots. I mean, I guess you can't really wear a bardot top without a cardigan in the winter but you get my point lol.

What are some fashion items you've been loving this summer?

Love Sham x


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