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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Look Fantastic X Neom - Beauty Box Review!

It was only a couple weeks ago where I came across this beauty box! I was on Instagram and saw a story from a blogger I follow and she was sharing this amazing deal Look Fantastic had with the brand Neom. After seeing this deal, I knew I just had to get it and so I did.

I have always wanted to try some products from Neom but couldn't bring myself to spending so much money on one product.. I wouldn't say it's the most affordable brand but hey, it's luxury for a reason.

So what was this amazing deal you may ask?

As I mentioned, I came across a deal that Look Fantastic were having for one of their limited edition beauty boxes. I've never actually been onto the Look Fantastic website prior to seeing this so I wasn't sure exactly what they offered.. all I knew was that it was a beauty website. The Instagram story I saw from Chanel (check out her blog here!), was the Limited Edition Neom Beauty Box for £45.. with products worth over £110!! Is that a bargain or what? 

I've never been so desperate for pay day to come along and I'm glad I managed to get this as it's now sold out. I know that probably isn't helpful for anyone who may have been looking to get this but I'd highly recommend trying just one of these products. Definitely keep an eye out on Look Fantastic for any deals.

The products..

  • Perfect Nights Sleep Body Oil
  • Perfect Nights Sleep Face Oil
  • Nourish, Breathe and Sleep Hand Balm
  • Tranquility Scented Candle
  • Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist
  • Perfect Nights Sleep Cleansing Balm

"The products in this limited edition sleep box are made with 100% natural tranquility fragrance - a blend of 19 of the purest possible essential oils including English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine. All expertly blended to help you relax and prepare for sleep" - This is the description from the booklet that came with the box.

Funny enough, Lavender is a scent I really used to dislike. My mum always used to buy this Lavender scented room spray from Marks and Spencer's and I just couldn't stand the scent. I would've thought that the fact that these products were lavender scented would put me off but in fact, it made me want to try it even more. Let me just say, I'm so happy I made that decision because lavender is now slowly becoming my favourite scent! 

It's just so refreshing and is a beautiful summer scent.. crazy how things change lol.

What do I think about the products?

I began using these products about a couple weeks ago now, I didn't want to blog about them after just a couple days as I wanted to get a true opinion of each product. I genuinely feel like I've been having a much better sleep since using these products, I don't use them all at once however as the scent can be overpowering sometimes. I mainly use the pillow mist every other day before bed and the hand balm too. These are now my go to's whenever I feel like I need a 'deep sleep', that and the tranquility scented candle as it adds a refreshing fragrance around my room. 

I've also been loving the cleansing balm as this comes with a cleansing cloth which I've personally never used before. This has worked beautifully after removing my make up, it really helps get rid off anything left over and of course leaves my skin smelling so good! The balm also isn't too rough on my skin and a little really goes a long way.  

The only product I haven't used more than once is the body oil and that's purely because it is way to warm in the evenings to be rubbing body oil before bed lol. I'm also currently already using a face oil from the Body Shop as mentioned in one of my recent posts so I've only used the Neom face oil twice so far. It's such a tiny bottle so I want to make this last.

 Another thing I liked was the packaging, it came in these lovely boxes with a simple yet clear picture of what exactly the product was. It was also nice having the booklet with information on all the products, how to use them and even some additional products from Neom's sleep range. 

Would I buy these products? Most definitely but I'd also like to try some other products from Neom and as the deal from Look Fantastic, I'll also be looking out for any other bargains lol.

Love Sham x


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