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Sunday, November 24, 2019

What I've been up to lately..

I can't believe it's been 2 months since my last post.. well, actually I can believe it lol. I had really got back into the swing of things but having settled into my new job and starting my HR course, I'm back to learning how to master the art of balancing everything at once. However I thought a nice way to get into blogging again was to share what I've been up to these last 2 months. 

So as I mentioned, I've started my HR course - CIPD Level 5 to be exact. I don't think I've gone into much detail about my new career path but I will definitely share it soon. In a nut shell, I'm currently working as a HR Administrator and studying my Level 5 course (equivalent to a HR degree) so I can build up my experience and start to build my career in HR. 

Tbh, I've spent most weekends at home or with Daniel. I'm so used to having busy weekends but now that I'm studying and not currently earning as much as my previous job, I'm having to be very careful with money (the joys of adult life). 


Me and one of my closest friends went to Friendsfest back in September, this was such a fun day out!

We're both really big Friends fans and had been wanting to come here for the longest time. It was either earlier this year or last year we managed to get some tickets - as expected, most of them sold out pretty quickly, especially the London tickets. Luckily they were having FriendsFest in Milton Keynes too which is only about an hour away for us.

We managed to get pictures on all the sets we wanted and being surrounded by so many Friends fans made it even better. One thing we didn't do was to wear Friends t-shirts!! So many people had them on and we were kicking ourselves the whole time regretting not buying any t-shirts beforehand lol. 

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but overall, we had an amazing time. From singing along to Phoebe's famous songs in Central Perk to drinking a Salmon Skin-roll cocktail whilst watching the highlights of Friends on the big screen (don't worry - the cocktail didn't actually have salmon in it haha).


Me and Daniel went to Marbella for a week in celebration of my 25th birthday.. and of course some winter sun. It was so much better than I expected, I heard from a few people that it was quite pretentious with all the flashy cars and designer places but I still found it enjoyable walking around seeing all these things. It was such a relaxing holiday too, walking along the beach, fresh breeze, sunshine, it was beautiful. This was our first holiday where we didn't do any excursions so we made the most of having free time to just chill out. 

We stayed in Puerto Banus at H10 Andalucia Plaza, it's an adults only hotel which was perfect as we went during half term. The difference is crazy.. so much silence lol. It's within walking distance to the beach, restaurants and town center. The staff here were lovely, we went for half board but still found ourselves spending most of our money on food for lunch. 

For my birthday we had a couples spa treatment at the hotel and champagne in the jacuzzi which was pure bliss. We then went out for a walk and got lunch at this cute healthy restaurant we stumbled upon. When we got back to the hotel we found a bottle of champagne and a brownie with a note wishing me a happy birthday! This honestly made my day even better as I hadn't told the hotel it was my birthday and to have such nice a gesture done was just lovely. Safe to say we drank a lot of champagne that day. For dinner we went to an Argentinian  restaurant where I had the best steak I've ever had! The service here was brilliant aswell, if you ever go to Puerto Banus, I highly recommend this place - the restaurant is called Tango. We got to see some Tango dancers too!! Hands down the best birthday I've had.. Daniel completely spoiled me too. 

We would 100% go back to Marbella as there's much more to see. If you're looking for some winter sun, I'd highly recommend this place!

Living my best life!

By the time I got Daniel to take a photo of me with the sparkler, it went off lol.

The best pasta I've had!!

Bonfire night!

Who doesn't love fireworks? I think they are so magical especially when you can see them in person. Me and Daniel went to a fireworks display which was just amazing. The photo's just don't do it justice. 

Wembley stadium

Me and Daniel went to watch England vs Montenegro at Wembley stadium. We had been looking forward to this for months, we've only ever been to one other football game together which was a local one so this was on another scale. 

This was a great game to be at, not only was it England's 1000th international game but they won 7-0!! There were also some football legends who came out during half time. The atmosphere there was insane and something I'd love to experience again. I'm not saying I'm a massive football fan but I do enjoy watching the game.

So that's pretty much it, I'll try my best to maintain consistency again but can't make any promises. It's actually coming up to my 4 year blogging anniversary and will be writing something special to mark that.

Love Sham x


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