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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Why I love Sundays..

First post of 2020, here we go! I recently discovered that Sunday is my favourite day of the week - I used to be a Friday kind of gal but the older I get, the more I enjoy the pure bliss of a relaxing Sunday.

A typical Sunday for me involves sitting on the sofa for most of the day watching Netflix or Disney films. It's not a proper Sunday unless you're doing the bare minimum right? Once I get up I usually make myself a cup of tea or coffee, get back into bed and catch up on social media - sometimes I'll watch YouTube videos. 

Another Sunday ritual of mine is bubble baths, especially with a good book, some bath salts and a candle burning. I'll even throw on a face mask if I'm feeling to have the ultimate relaxation. 

Sundays tend to be the day I catch up on all my favourite bloggers, this is something I do before getting into a new post of mine. I love seeing other peoples content, you can really see how much time and effort goes into people's blog post - this always inspires me to do more!

Self care is extremely important to me, I take pride in taking time out of myself and just pressing pausing on everything. As someone who struggles with anxiety, it's important for me to do these little things - I think that's why I've fallen in love with Sundays. I generally love my me time, so regardless of what day it is, I cherish the time I have to myself, I know some people will read that and think what the hell is wrong with you but I genuinely believe it's important to be okay with your own company. You shouldn't feel the need to always be around people. Sunday's also allows me to also prepare for the week ahead! There's nothing I hate more than feeling unprepared for the upcoming week lol.

I know this was a much shorter post that what I normally share but I thought I'd still share this as it's  a little insight into more about me. I may do more random posts like this in the future so keep a look out!

Love Sham x 


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