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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Going to my first Vegan Restaurant - Unity Diner!

Happy Sunday guys! This weekend has flown by.. as usual really.  Yesterday I went to my first vegan restaurant and of course I had to write all about it.

Myself, Daniel, Jasmine and Jacob had been planning on going to this specific vegan restaurant for some time. Jasmine and Jacob had already been before, they've been vegan for some time and myself and Daniel had been curious to try out some vegan food. 

Disclaimer: If you haven't already guessed, I eat meat and I completely respect other people's decisions when it comes to what they eat. I also appreciate the same respect as this is my honest opinion, I'm not here to offend anyone. 

The place we went to is called Unity Diner, it offers a variety of your well known hearty foods, burgers, fish and chips and hot dogs.. all vegan of course. Looking at the menu beforehand did get me excited as the selection of food looked so good, I just couldn't help but think how do they make this food vegan! Anyway, me and Daniel ordered the mac and cheese for our starter, this was really nice and the more I ate it, the more it tasted like proper mac and cheese. It was quite a big portion too so me and Daniel were able to share. 

For the main meal, we both got the VFC Burger with a side of chunky chips. Jacob also got the same and Jasmine got fish and chips. Now, burgers are one of my favourite foods and because of this, I think it was very easy for me to tell the difference. Of course I wasn't expecting it to taste the same but I was hoping it would be abit similar? I thought the VFC burger was okay in general but not the best. I always cut my burgers in half to make it easier for me to eat and I only managed to eat the first half of the burger. The only thing I wasn't keen on in terms of flavour was the fake chicken itself, everything else in the burger was nice, i.e. the hash brown, vegan cheese, caramelized onions and fake bacon. In all fairness, I was getting quite full, I had a lot of chunky chips so this alongside trying to eat a burger made me full quickly. 

It was time for dessert and I coudn't wait! I had the New York style cheesecake with a ginger base, it took a while for the flavour to sink in as it was very subtle at first but I thoroughly enjoyed it and can honestly say it tasted like a regular cheesecake the more I ate it. One thing I wish I tried was their mocktails, they had such a unique selection of drinks however I ended up settling for the elderflower lemonade which was lovely!

Overall, I'm glad I had I tried this place out as it was something different. I think if I'm to go to another vegan restaurant one day, I'll try something more vegetable like? Not necessarily a fake chicken burger as the taste is too obviously different for me. I really liked the decor of this place as well, from the cool neon lights to different plants displayed around the restaurant. The prices are also very reasonable, I mean.. we did all order 3 courses each so you can imagine how much the bill was lol. Something else I also found really cool was the way we paid the bill, they handed us a phone with a card machine next to it, you could select on the phone whether you want to split the bill (up to 6 people if I remember correctly) or pay for it in full, you also have the option to tip. They don't take cash which I did find slightly strange but I guess this is the way forward.

Before I forget to mention, Unity Diner is also dog friendly. Jasmine and Jacob bought their dog along.. his name is Atlas, the fluffiest, cutest little thing! Safe to say he was a little celebrity with all the attention he got lol. 

Love Sham x

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