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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Our Anniversary Weekend!

Last weekend me and Daniel went to London for the weekend to celebrate our 8 year anniversary! Our anniversary was actually on the 24th February but we had to postpone the celebrations.. it was so worth the wait.

We were going back and forth on what we should do to celebrate, we were going to go to Bath or London but as we were only able to go away for the night, it made sense to just stay somewhere a bit more local. We went up to London Friday afternoon and stayed at MontCalm Royal London in Moorgate, this was our second time staying here and you may have seen it a mini review I did about it on a previous blog post of mine (here). 

Overall, we loved it here - we had an even nicer room than the first time, complimentary welcome gifts and the hospitality here is always just brilliant. 

Friday night we went out for dinner at Hawskmoor which is somewhere I've been wanting to go for a while now! I've always heard good things about their steak and we are massive steak lovers. The food was as good as I had expected it to be, unfortunately I didn't actually take photos of the food we had but we both ordered rump steak (medium rare of course with peppercorn sauce), I had triple cooked chips and Daniel ordered mash potatoes with gravy, then a side of creamed spinach. It was our first time trying creamed spinach and now I am officially obsessed!

The atmosphere was generally quite loud but it was a Friday night so I didn't expect anything less. Customer service was also pretty good, the staff wished us a Happy Anniversary which was cute and even decorated our dessert plate too.. it's the little things. I have to mention the cocktail I had, I know it's a bit weird to order a cocktail with steak instead of wine but we had red wine in the hotel and I wanted something a little different. I had the 'reformed pornstar' and it was not what I expected it to look like at all! I'm used to the cute martini glass with a passionfruit to finish it off but this was totally different.. hence the name 'reformed' lol. It was incredible though, I would highly recommend it! 

Dessert was to die for. I was really full so didn't order my own dessert but Daniel got the peanut butter shortbread which was probably one of the best desserts I've ever had. I actually only had a couple spoonfuls because Daniel became very protective over his dessert but it really was gorgeous!

We decided to have afternoon tea at Kew Gardens on the Saturday, it was my first time going there (Daniel went years ago) and I had been looking forward to it so much as I've always wanted to go. We found a really good deal on Virgin Experience Days - if you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I love a good Virgin Experience deal, they always have a really good selection! We didn't actually know what we were going to do until I stumbled across a deal for tickets into Kew Gardens and Afternoon tea for two people for £89! I get 20% student discount so we saved even more.

It was a bit of a journey to get to Kew Gardens from where we were but it was so worth it. Everything was straight forward, we gave our voucher at the ticket stand, afternoon tea was booked for 3pm and we arrived around 1pm so had enough time to walk around before settling down. The weather was so up and down, it would rain heavy, the sun would come out and then it would get super windy.. typical British weather. There was a beautiful rainbow after all of it though so can't complain. 

The grounds at Kew Garden are massive! You need a good few hours to walk around and really see everything, we managed to still see the main parts even though we had about 2 hours. It was crazy to see how many different types of plants there are and from all over the world! There was an Orchid festival but unfortunately we didn't get to see this because apparently it was hours wait to get in.

It was getting time to head over to the Botanist restaurant for afternoon tea, it was set just opposite the pond and had a lovely view, when the sun was shining it was even more stunning. The selection of sandwiches was a little bit surprising for me, I was expecting something quite traditional but it was more Asian inspired - don't get me wrong, I liked that it was different and overall it was a lovely selection, the cakes took the crown for me though!

It was coming to the end of our day and we were so sad to have to go home, we were kicking ourselves for not staying two nights instead of one but now we know for next time. If you're a lover of afternoon tea, I would most definitely recommend the Kew Gardens package deal from Virgin Experience Day as it's so worth it. 

Before I forget, before Kew Gardnes we went for breakfast at The Diner at Spitafields. I'd come across this place on google and we'd been wanting to go somewhere that did pancakes. We changed our minds the night before and were gonna head to The Breakfast Club purely because we knew Afternoon tea would be full of sweet treats however the waiting time there was just too long for us so we decided to just go to The Diner as orignally planned. We definitely were not disappointed, I still opted for the blueberry pancakes which were incredible! Daniel had the veggie breakfast burrito (healthy as usual lol). 

We had such an amazing weekend and I'm honestly so blessed to have such an incredible man in life!

Love Sham x

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