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Sunday, April 5, 2020

What a time to be alive..

I'm sure we can all agree that this is a weird time for us at the moment. I still feel like I'm living in some sort of nightmare, this is like all those crazy thriller movies I've seen where some virus breaks out and destroys mankind! Honestly, what a time it is to be alive, first Brexit and now this, we are literally experiencing history in the making and I just do not know what to think of it. Anyway.. moving on lol. 

I'm in the UK and we've only been in lockdown for almost 2 weeks now, which isn't much compared to some other countries but I can honestly say it's not been easy at all. I'm someone who loves being at home and I enjoy my own company however being forced into this situation is something else. I completely understand the severity of this current global pandemic and it's important we all stick to the rules in order for this to hopefully pass sooner rather than later. 

Luckily, I've been able to work from home so I'm still kept busy in that sense but being stuck in the same environment all day everyday isn't the best. I'm naturally a very lazy person so it's been a challenge for me to try and stay motivated/focused whilst being at home. I've found that being in quarantine has been such an emotional rollercoaster aswell, the uncertainty of it all has caused my anxiety to play up. I miss being in the office with my team and just socializing in general but it's been super helpful having regular team video calls on a daily basis. 

As you may already know from previous blog posts, I tend to get up to different things over the weekend and me being at home so much on a weekend hasn't been the norm for me in a very long time. What hurts the most is having to isolate away from my boyfriend, it was his birthday on Thursday and we couldn't spend the day together. I am however thankful for things like FaceTime and social media as it allows a lot of us to still be in touch with the outside world and in touch with friends and family. The circumstances we are under are much better compared to other historical pandemics so we have to be thankful for that.

So, how am I getting through quarantine? I'll be honest, it was only earlier this week that I decided to put a schedule together to make sure I'm doing different things. As I mentioned, my anxiety has been playing up and I physically had been feeling very tired, my body just felt really tight and believe it or not but I was also getting aches! The mental toll is one thing but the physical aspect has been awful. I've been doing yoga, work out videos, reading more, going for walks, watching lots of Disney+ and entertaining myself with TikTok.. of course! Also just having regular phone calls with friends and my boyfriend, I live with my mum so I'm lucky I still have someone with me.

I'm realizing more and more just how important it is to have some sort of routine during this time, it's so easy to just sit and do nothing or get carried away with working but self care is still very much important. This is a note to self too but don't forget about your health and mental well-being. I'm trying to use this time as a way for me to work on my personal goals too, how often do we have all this free time? Make use of it and stay safe! 

Love Sham x 

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