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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Staycation in Bath!

Oh how I've missed sharing posts about little trips away! Myself and Daniel went to Bath for a short staycation. This was a late birthday gift I got for him, I thought it was perfect as we've been wanting to go to Bath for the longest time and I found a really good deal on Virgin Experience Days. 

This was our first staycation after the lockdown restrictions were eased so as you can imagine, we were super excited to finally get to go somewhere else and stay for the night in a hotel! We stayed in a beautiful boutique hotel which was just a 5 minute walk to the city centre. It was called The Bird Hotel, filled with so much character and uniqueness, the staff were lovely and we so badly wanted to stay for longer! Our stay included sparkling cream tea and breakfast, both were very nice and we could tell how fresh everything was. 

We arrived quite early considering check in was at 2, the hotel was lovely enough to let us leave our bags whilst they got our room ready. We went for breakfast and had a little walk around to see more of the area. The place we went to for breakfast was called The Boston Tea Party and let me tell you, it was the best restaurant breakfast I've had. As much as it was a standard English Breakfast, there was just a lot of flavour and the food tasted really fresh! I could tell the quality was amazing. Daniel really enjoyed his breakfast too, as you can tell from the photo.. we went for two very different options lol.

Here are some photos of the hotel!

We stayed in the Cosy Room and it was just that... cosy. It was different to any other hotel room we've stayed in, it had more of a personal touch than anything else and the bed was soooo comfortable!

Lovely view from our room!

This was the hotel reception area.

I forgot to take a picture but the hotel had picture frames all over the walls by the stairs, it was so cool but there was one photo in particular that looked familiar to me. Me and Daniel spent ages trying to find out who the man is in the photo, we even asked one of the hotel staff and he didn't know. I was so sure it was someone recognisable but I've now accepted the fact, it's probably just a random person. I won't be mean and stress anyone else out trying to figure out who it is lol.

Overall we had a great stay, even when we checked out the staff gave us a thankyou gift with some water and cookies! Such a lovely gesture.

Bath is full of so much amazing architecture and history of course.. one of the many reasons why I've always wanted to go. We hadn't actually planned to do anything specific, it was quite a spontaneous time for us which isn't normal as we like to plan our trips properly. We enjoyed just exploring and going with the flow. We've already said we'll be going back in December, I've heard the Christmas Markets are amazing and we all know how much I love Christmas!!

I would highly recommend Bath, it also has a great variety of shops and restaurants! Myself and Daniel went to Las Iguanas for dinner, I know it may not be the most exciting but we love it there.. besides, who doesn't love 2 for 1 cocktails all day, everyday!

Love Sham x


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